The Best Satellite Phone Suggestions for Remote Region

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 14th December 2020

People love to travel!!! The world is vast, people get a chance to learn about different places, languages, traditions, and more. Meeting new people is fun and exciting.

There are multiple reasons why people travel. They travel to meet their dear ones in other countries. A blogger and writer will travel to get complete information about the place. Employers travel abroad for a business meeting. Newlywed couples will travel to spend quality time with soulmates and strengthen their bond. Photographers travel to capture excellent pictures of beautiful places. The list goes on and on…

Travel to a dream destination can be an exciting experience. But, anything can happen while traveling. Let’s consider, people focus on creating memories in a new place. They travel to dream destinations, meet new people, taste food, play games, and more. Every experience might feel like they are sitting on cloud 9. But what happens when things go wrong or when a disaster strikes? People cannot escape from natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfire, flooding, cyclones, tsunami, and more.

Sounds like a horror story!!! It’s important to look at another side of the coin. Protect yourself and always stay in touch with your friends and family members whenever possible during a natural disaster. The best way to stay connected is “Mobile Phone”. It’s no surprise everyone uses the mobile phone to stay in touch with their dear ones. But there are times when the mobile network doesn’t work due to out of coverage areas. At that time, people cannot interact with their friends or family members to explain their situation. If you’re worried about such a situation – “Satellite Phone” is the best option to stay connected. A satellite phone will keep the communication line always open.

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What is a satellite phone?

A satellite phone is also called a “satphone”. This is a kind of a traditional mobile phone that allows people to communicate with others through satellite signals. A satellite phone is easy-to-use and no installation is required. These phones don’t depend on a telephone network or towers. Satellite phones offer 100% global coverage and can easily communicate with people anywhere at any time. People can send messages and use the internet in remote regions.

Nowadays, a satellite phone is an important handy device during natural disasters or emergencies. These phones are mostly used by travelers, explorers, government departments, and more. A satellite phone is useful for people who are in remote locations.

Hope you’ve understood what is a satellite phone, now let’s discuss the best satellite phone available in the market.

Best Satellite Phone Suggestions for Remote Region

If you’re planning to buy a satellite phone, you’ve made the right choice. Don’t just blindly buy a satellite phone without checking the specifications. Because not every satellite network operator provides 100% global coverage. On the other hand, you need to have a look at certain things like whether a satellite phone is purely used for voice communications. Does it offer advanced features such as the internet, voice email, GPS tracking, and data transmission? What are the plans and cost of the satellite network operators?

As per the recent analysis, Iridium is the best satellite network that offers 100% global coverage. For more information, visit, this website is offering high-quality satellite phones, satellite TVs, and more. Pick the best satellite phone at an affordable price.


If you’re looking for the best satellite phone, choose the Iridium satellite phone. This could be a great option for you. Currently, “Iridium 9555” and “Iridium Extreme” are popular satellite phones. Either you can rent or purchase an Iridium satellite phone.

Iridium is commonly used by government departments, military, sailors, adventurers, and engineers to stay connected. These two versions offer excellent features such as voice, text messaging, low-speed internet across the world. The device is specially designed to resist hard climate conditions. Additionally, Iridium Extreme provides “SOS” functionality with a single click button.

“Iridium 9555” and “Iridium Extreme” provide 4 hours of talk time. This can save people to live during natural disasters and emergencies. Iridium Extremer is also offering email features, online tracking, GPS location service, mapping service, and more. Iridium satellite phone is available at $930.


Did you know that Inmarsat is having satellites in higher earth orbit? Yes!!! Inmarsat satellite phones are reliable for audio calls. The best service is provided in the equator region. Because the three Inmarsat satellites are located at the equator.

Inmarsat satellite phones were introduced 40 years ago. Through consistent and constant innovation, the Inmarsat global satellite operator is offering excellent voice and high-quality data capabilities. There are multiple data plans available in Inmarsat.

Inmarsat satellite phone is suitable for a military person, government department, business to reach around the corners of the world. The next generation of Inmarsat is “L-band” and “K-band” services. These are used to improve the connectivity of voice calls, data transfer, and internet service. Currently, the popular satellite phones are IsatPhone Pro and IsatPhone 2.

IsatPhone Pro

IsatPhone Pro is a well-known and easy-to-use satellite phone. The satellite phone offers a 2.4kbps voice codec and standard calling functionalities such as caller ID, conference call, voice mail, call holding, call waiting, and call divert. IsatPhone Pro can interface with multiple devices such as USB, Bluetooth, antenna, and more.

IsatPhone 2

IsatPhone 2 is one of the powerful and robust satellite phones. It is designed to serve multiple weather conditions, whether the climate is too cool or too hot, IsatPhone 2 works perfectly. The IsatPhone 2 does not work greatly in north or south regions. Because these phones have only three satellites, therefore people need to move to acquire better signals. Once you get enough signal, IsatPhone 2 offers a reliable connection when you stand at the same place.

The IsatPhone 2 is offering 8-hour battery life, location service, GPS, tracking, voice call, 24X7 emergency response, and assistance is provided. IsatPhone 2 is available at $635.


Do you want to make or receive calls inside the building or powerboat? Thuraya satellite phone is just for you. Thuraya satellite phones rely on two geostationary satellites. The satellite phone offers wider coverage (140 countries). 

There are various Thuraya versions are available such as 

  • Thuraya XT-LITE
  • Thuraya XT-PRO
  • Thuraya XT-PRO Dual and
  • Thuraya X5 Touch

Thuraya satellite phone is offering a rich set of features such as voice, messaging, GPS, and more. People can send and receive text messages or call anywhere across Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

Thuraya XT-Lite

Thuraya XT-Lite is the first satellite phone that offers people a complete set of voice and texting capabilities. Thuraya is a powerful and robust satellite network that allows you to stay connected at your fingertips. People can access various applications such as the world timer, address book, calendar, stopwatch, calculator, and call logs at a single touch.

Thuraya XT-Pro Dual and X5 Touch are offering amazing features like GSM connectivity and dual-mode satellite. On the other hand, Thuraya XT-Lite and XT-Pro are providing budget-friendly plans for communications.

Thuraya satellite phone doesn’t offer 100% global coverage. It is limited to specific regions. The communications can be transferred through fixed terminals.

Globalstar GSP-1700

Globalstar is the best satellite phone for the one who is looking for premium voice quality and low service price. Globalstar GSP-1700 is offering world-class voice quality, mobile number assignment, and the cheapest price. Sounds amazing right!!! Yes, whether you’re traveling to a hill station or at the equator region, Globalstar is a suitable device for you. Globalstar GSP-1700 is available at $500. Since the satellite phone is available at a reasonable price, everyone can purchase it.

The Globalstar GSP-1700 is linked with the cell ground stations, these satellite phones can provide a clear and high-quality voice. On the other hand, the satellite phone is offering 9.6kbps high-speed data transfer and voice mail functionalities. Make a note, GPS-1700 doesn’t offer SMS, GPS feature, and global coverage. But, you can know the longitude and latitude of the region whenever you’re on the call.

Garmin inReach SE+

Few people use satellite phones for calling and few use them to access the internet. Not everyone uses complete features on a satellite phone. If you’re looking for limited features in a satellite phone at budget-friendly prices, Garmin inReach SE+ is the ideal option for you.

Garmin inReach SE+ is specially designed for two-way communication that works perfectly on Iridium. Simply put, people cannot communicate through phone calls rather they can send and receive messages without hassles. inReach SE+ is offering SOS service, your friends or family can track your location.

Wrapping up

A satellite phone will help you to stay connected with your friends or family members when there is no mobile coverage. Having a satellite phone is an important and ideal option for people who work in remote regions or go on an adventure trip. There are various satellite phones available in the market. According to the analysis, Iridium is the best satellite phone. Have a look at the remaining satellite phone and pick the best one according to your requirement.

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