by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 1st September 2020

If we search “universities near me” on Google, we will have thousands of suggestions and details fetched within seconds. The marketing strategies have changed over time, and people are opting for methods with quick revealing results instead of following the old traditional ways. The approach that might have yielded a better result in the past might not have the same effect in the future. The reason for that is regarding current times; everything has turned, and strategies too, have changed. Businesses and educational institutes are shifting towards digital marketing rather than following traditional marketing methods.

After digital marketing, many people have explored various benefits; one of them is the cost-effectiveness of digital marketing. Decades ago, the marketing campaigns were no less than bearing unnecessary stress. Planning a marketing strategy to find people who can carry it forward was more of a burden than a blessing. The traditional marketing ways were costly, and their success rate was not remarkable either. Businesses have been prosperous with their marketing campaigns, but educational institutes are yet to upgrade their marketing techniques.

Every year, thousands of high school students look for a university that can provide them the best of professional education in their desired field. Due to less awareness and poor marketing, many universities are facing a downturn in the new enrollments. Many students end up making wrong decisions because they get to think about other options after they have joined a particular university. To boost their marketing, various universities hire a higher ed marketing agency to improve their marketing campaign and target more students for enrollment in professional education. 

It is vital to know the current marketing trends that can appeal to more audiences, or you can plan ahead of it. A marketing campaign that has some bits of novelty grabs the attention of many people. Here are a few better yielding marketing trends. 

  1. Tell them a story

Fresh undergraduates are still in their teens when they apply for a university. They are more interested in knowing something new or intriguing than read the same old written tone. While you are uploading your content on your web page, do tell them your brand story. Uniquely telling your journey will let these youngsters understand better and effortlessly gauge the quality and standard of education that a university has provided for years. Mentioning some achievements can play a significant role in boosting the story and a candidate’s interest.

  1. Optimize your webpage

When we talk about digital marketing, it involves a race for ranking. When you hit the search button on Google with a question, you will see the top pages. These pages were once residing somewhere at the bottom. Many people limit their answer-seeking on the internet until the suggestions that appear on the first page. Optimizing the webpage with the search engine can boost your marketing campaign and web page ranking two folds. Digital marketing focuses more on ways that can reach a large number of people in a short period. That can be through social media, search engine optimization, and managing your web traffic effectively. 

  1. Text them

While many of us have forgotten the simple SMS texting, it is still significant. You might have been sending emails that are landing in the spam folders of your email contacts. The person might not check their spam folder, but they always check their phones. In the case of prospective students contact pools, text messages can align nicely with your marketing strategy and keep them informed. 

  1. Use AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Artificial intelligence is not mandatory to be a complicated mystery. Inferring someone’s future action based on past choices is also artificial intelligence. You can also incorporate simple if-then statements on your email campaigns. Automating your emails with AI enhances viewers’ chances and pooling more contacts who click the internal link embedded in your emails. AI can also give you potential information about the students that you should target through your marketing campaigns.  

  1. Chatbots

Thanks to modern technology, it has reduced our efforts to stay active on web pages and replying to every query. Instead of responding to every question, you can embed AI-powered chatbots to the job. Chatbots can provide you many communication benefits by answering and guiding students 24/7. The chatbots will be available to everyone at any time of the day, ensuring better services to candidates and building a positive image of your institute. 

  1. Assemble videos

A student is always curious about how their new learning place will look, how large its area is, and its looks. One of the best ways of digital marketing is to post videos with content to answer all their confusion. Video advertisements trigger the audiovisual response, and a youngster can relate to whatever they see. Video marketing increases the pace of decision making progress. Upload these video ads on every medium you can access. Upload it on your website and social media channels to reach more audience and gain more attention.

  1. Testimonials

Another way to get more people interested in exploring a university is what others have to say. People tend to believe and decide more on what others have to say from their experience. Your pass-out students can help you generate video testimonials, share their expertise, and find the place as a student. Reaching out to the university alumni who are now enjoying their successful careers can also boost marketing and develop a feeling of trust among viewers. A candidate can relate emotionally and feels like they won’t be disappointed; it helps them decide.


A professional career holds a sensitive position in everyone’s life. From choosing the right university to the ideal field, a student spends a lot of time deciding. Universities are known for providing education and facilitating students. Many universities promise a fulfilling education for a better career, yet many of them are facing fewer enrollments. The reason for this downturn is less awareness and poor marketing. In the era of technology, youngsters can fetch every detail they want over a single search. If they cannot find you over the internet, they will never know about your existence. Incorporating digital marketing strategies can cover many students far and wide, and it can reveal your presence to millions of students locally and internationally.

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