The Need to Remove Unnecessary Content on a Website

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 24th February 2021

Not everything presented on a website is important. Some items might not attract attention. Worse, the content will only make the website heavy, and it takes longer to load the page. Therefore, it helps to remove them immediately. These are some elements that websites don’t need to be effective.

Vague heading

The heading is the first thing that people will see when opening a website. It takes time to write the content, but the heading is already half of what attracts people’s attention. Therefore, instead of only emphasising the body, looking at the heading is also crucial. If it’s vague, it requires an immediate replacement. 

Social media icons as headers

There’s no point in using these icons as headers. People who read the web content are probably following the social media pages anyway. It’s a waste of space. However, if you still want to remind the users to follow the social media pages, the icons can be placed below the page. It’s less distracting but still useful in asking people to follow the social media accounts. 

Blog dates are only helpful if the content is still fresh. After a few days or weeks, the dates become problematic. People who see them might think that they’re reading irrelevant information. Removing the date will keep the page fresh. It shouldn’t appear in the URL, either. 

YouTube suggested videos

It’s easy to embed YouTube videos on a website. The problem is that once the video ends, YouTube suggests another video to view. It distracts the user. The goal is to keep the user on the website, and these suggestions are unhelpful. 

Unnecessary background music

Some websites might offer a better feel with background music. The problem is that it’s too heavy, and it could slow the loading speed. Websites can survive without background music, anyway. Besides, users might also be listening to a different song while browsing the page. It only creates a distraction.

Long paragraphs

No one is patient enough to understand the information presented in long paragraphs. People prefer shorter versions. There’s also too much content on the internet, and no one will spend several minutes to consume a single article. The best option is to replace long sentences with shorter ones. It also helps to use bullet points and numbers. 

Stock photos

Images play a crucial role in web design. They don’t only help in making the website appealing. They also make the business more relatable. The problem is with the use of stock photos. They’re easy to grab, and there are no legal issues in publishing them for commercial purposes. Instead of using stock photos, it’s better to use authentic images. Take a picture of people who used the products and services. Audiences can relate to the images if used that way. 

Analyse your website now and determine which element is unnecessary. Asking for help from experts like the ones at will also make the job easier. They know the information that must stay to boost the website. 

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