The Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 22nd April 2021

Digital marketing is a quickly evolving practice, with social media platforms and search engines constantly updating their algorithms. This guide is here to help you learn the top digital marketing trends that are used by the top digital marketing companies situated in an established city like Chicago in 2021.

1. Improved Social Media Management

Social media has become accepted as a vital component of any successful digital marketing campaign. In fact, social media marketing has become more popular in 2021 than ever before. Brands are now employing more strategic and effective social media management. There are a few different practices involved in improving social media management; these include:

  • Using Social Media Marketing Platforms

As explained in SOCi social media marketing platforms, these tools are invaluable for businesses that employ social media marketing in 2021. More businesses are using management platforms than ever before to help them more effectively complete marketing campaigns.

  • More Effective Use of Resources

In 2021 brands are moving from simply trying to produce the most content possible to more carefully evaluating the value of content. Brands are focusing their attention on content and platforms that offer the most value to their target audience and customer base.

2. Online Experiences

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to limit the way that people live their lives, brands are trying to offer value to their customers in the form of online experiences. The type of online experience created will depend greatly on the brand itself and its target audience. However, this type of content is a great way for brands to better connect with their customers. Not only do online experiences and events allow brands to connect with an existing customer but they also connect with new customers. This is because online events usually gather attention and expand a brand’s awareness and image beyond its direct audience.

3. Limiting Advertising to Chosen Platforms

Brands are increasingly limiting the amount that they advertise to improve the return on advertising investments. In 2021 so far, you have likely noticed a reduction in the extent to which brands advertise. This is because businesses have realized that extensive advertising does little to improve brand image. Brands are now focusing on advertising on the most appropriate channels and platforms for their target audience. Limiting performance across platforms in this way is a trend that is expected to grow in coming years as businesses realize the power in curating their online presence and the dangers of irrelevant overexposure.

4. Transparency

Consumers have grown increasingly wary of the threats to personal privacy online. With the number of cyber-attacks and data breaches growing rapidly in recent years, businesses are meeting consumer concerns with increased transparency in marketing. In 2021 you will continue to see brands being open and honest with consumers and allow consumers to access and control their data. Transparency in marketing also works with other, broader marketing trends such as sustainability and inclusivity. At the moment, these trends are most present in brands that target younger audiences, specifically Generation Z and Millennials, but they are expected to grow in coming years.

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