Things you should not include in your personal statement

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 29th May 2021

The personal statement is one of the most critical parts of applying to the university of your dreams, and it aims to impress the admission board well enough to get a place in the course you want to pursue. If you want to get essays for college or are looking for a way to improve your personal statement, then here some of the things that should not be present in your statement.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes

Before you submit your statement, ensure that you proofread it carefully and check for the sentence structure, grammar, spelling readability, and conciseness. You can also hand it over to a close person to proofread it since there could be mistakes that you might oversee. Finally, ensure that you write it in advance before the deadline and then come back to it later. If you do so, you can pick up on the errors you have made and improve them.

A long and rambling personal statement

You need to ensure that you have parts within your statement. It should include an introduction that entails your passion for the subject you have chosen, your extracurricular and Academic achievement, which bolsters your love for the topic you have chosen, and a great conclusion that sums up everything. Ensure that you don’t waste many words or Space by saying unnecessary things because it will be boring to the reader.

A lack of passion in your study area

The personal statement is here the first area where you can impress the mission born, and it is your grand opportunity to ensure that you have a place in the university. You, therefore, need to sound likable, passionate, and knowledgeable in the field that you have chosen. Only the students that show how committed and dedicated they are will get to succeed which. Therefore, there are four demands of you to make your statement as convincing and powerful as it should be.

A boring personal statement

You must understand that the mission board goes through various applications from other students, and therefore you need to make your application stand out nicely. Make sure that you go through some of the examples that have been written by other people or students but ensure that you don’t copy or use quotations or clich├ęs. The admission board might have gone through hundreds of them before reaching you, so make their work easier. Ensure that you include the force that drives you and why you want to choose the subject of your choice and also, be sure to include how the field that you have selected will assist you later in your life, and you can also throw in some hobbies and passions that you have.

Avoid exaggerations or Lies.

Even though you’re trying to picture yourself as the best person you can ever be, avoid exaggerating or lying. In your head, you might think that you are very convincing, but the admission board has gone through many applications and will point out if something is amiss. So give your statement to someone who knows you personally and let them decide whether you have mirrored your best version without having to fake it. In case you get called for an interview which is purely based on the personal statement that you have provided, the board might guess to ask you some questions about some of the things that you have written in it and case they find out that you have lied or that you have of exaggerated yourself in the personal statement that you have registered then your chances of securing a place within the university will be very minimal. Therefore, you need to ensure that you’ll be as truthful as possible to avoid falling into trouble with the university or the admission board. That will go a long way into portraying the person you are without fabricating anything.

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