Three Tips To Effectively Selling On A Video Call

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 27th August 2020

The most successful salespeople are resourceful. 

In order to be successful in sales, one has to be proficient in many things at the same time. From practicing the art of persuasion to showing in-depth knowledge of a product or process, a salesperson has to wear a variety of hats to make a sales interaction successful.

In such a situation, being resourceful naturally becomes a prerequisite for success.

Today, when physical interactions are being discouraged, the experience of a sales interaction has changed drastically.

Salespeople must understand the modern tools at their disposal and develop the ability to convert customers in a virtual environment.

In this article, we will discuss how you can improve your chances of success on a virtual sales call.

Let us begin:

Create A Frame

During a virtual sales call, the prospects will only be able to see you in a single frame. 

Consciously or subconsciously, they are bound to notice your background and use the cues to form a judgement about you and about whatever you are telling them. 

That’s why, it is important to carefully select your background. It is also important to be mindful of the elements present in your background.

You should aim to choose a neutral, clutter free, and well lit background for the video call.

Many of the modern web conferencing software also offer the ability to select from a variety of virtual backgrounds. It is worth checking if the software that you use has this feature.

Besides the background, it is also important to pay attention to the lighting and to your distance from the camera.

You want to be just far enough to be visible clearly and should keep the camera at nose-level. At the same time, the recommended choice of light is warm light, ideally falling on your face from behind the camera.

Test The Tech

Speaking of web conferencing software, are you familiar with all the features offered by yours? If not, we recommend becoming familiar with the software you use for client video calls.

This way, you will be able to efficiently make use of features like screen sharing, multi-device usage, and virtual whiteboards to make an impactful presentation. Moreover, if your prospects face problems while connecting with you, you will be able to walk them through a solution. 

At this point, it is also a good idea to update your profile on the web conferencing platform, complete with a photo, your complete name, your organisation’s name, and your designation. This will allow the clients and prospects that you have met in the past to easily identify you.

Come Prepared And Control The Call

In most sales calls, you will be the host. As the host, you have to control the direction of the call. To do so, begin the call by introducing yourself, and any associates that may be with you, and then telling everyone what will happen during the call.

This will help you set expectations beforehand and keep the conversation focused on the goal you want to achieve.

In order to do all this with confidence, you will have to prepare. 

This doesn’t just include practicing the script with your colleagues, it also means sending the meeting invites in time and logging on well before the meeting to make sure everything is working fine.


Anyone can recite a script. Making sales is about making a positive and lasting impression. It’s about presentation. We hope that the tips mentioned in this article will help you present yourself better and as a result, perform better in online sales calls.

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