Three Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit from Adopting Digital Signage

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 26th July 2021

When starting your small business, your focus is usually on how to get clients. For most business owners, the advertising methods used are traditional. That involves printing ads, putting up traditional signage, or using coupon mailers.

In other instances, you may depend on word of mouth and trust that your product and service are what will bring in clients. While all these methods may work for some time, most are often costly. Besides, it is a lot of work.

However, there is an easier and better way – digital signage. Digital signage solutions are not just for the giants in the market. A small business can benefit too.

However, before we start on the benefits your small business can achieve, here’s why you should adopt a digital signage solution.

Why you should adopt digital signage

There are plenty of reasons for adopting a digital signage strategy. For one, this type of signage is currently a trusted source of information by customers. It can significantly influence their impulse purchasing habits, among other decisions. That’s why you will find that nearly all shopping malls use it. At the mall, digital signs are used to display new products. Additionally, it can be used to schedule employees’ working times.

Also, you can use digital screens to display new and exciting content that fascinates and attracts customers through a content management system. You can never run out of ideas of engaging ways to display digital content. Whether it’s products or services you want to show or offers and promotions, digital signage is the best place to show it.

Additionally, digital signage capabilities are more versatile and modern than other traditional signage. This can improve customer experience in ways you never thought possible. It’s undoubtedly the easiest way to stand out and engage your customers. Moreover, all that gives you a chance to grow your business.

But that’s not all. Apart from grabbing attention, digital signage can help you collect third-party data. This is something you cannot do with more traditional signage. For instance, you can use interactive digital signage displays for digital menus and ask your customers some questions while waiting to be served in a restaurant.

That can help you choose the best dishes to put on the digital menu board, the ones you should remove, and the ones you should update. It’s engaging and serves more purposes in real-time.

How digital signage can benefit small businesses

While all the reasons above act as an excellent motivation for you to adopt digital signage, there’s more. Here are three ways small business owners can benefit from this type of signage:

Help you save costs

Advertising can be expensive- more so if you aren’t bringing in much ROI. Plus, maintenance makes it even costlier. But that’s not the case with digital signage. Digital signage is not only more affordable but also offers low-cost display.

That makes digital displays a significant investment and somewhat vital for growing businesses. If you are looking for a strategy that allows you to save on costs in the long term, this is for you. You may spend quite a great deal on the investment, but it has a once kind of deal. Also, you can have confidence in its lengthy lifespan.

Once you put up your indoor display, it can last a long time, and all you need is a little maintenance now and then. Software updates are all you need to do. But that’s not all.

There are simple and cost-effective ways you can make the most out of what this technology offers. For instance, you do not need to spend a fortune while dealing with digital signs. All you need is the right content for your target audience and set up a screen on a stylish stand in your waiting room.

Reduce the waiting time

Did you know that how long your customers wait could strongly influence their customer satisfaction scores? Moreover, a long wait time can result in a poor customer experience. But most businesses are either ignorant or cannot help how long customers stay in their waiting rooms.

And that can cost you sales, as a recent analysis shows. Most customers are only willing to wait 14 minutes before they leave your store for good. That’s quite long since others say two minutes is too long. Another survey shows businesses lost up to 75 percent of their customers because of long waiting periods.

Well, you can change that. Are you wondering how? Once again, the answer is displaying digital signs. Professional digital signage can reduce the perceived wait periods by at least 35 percent. For instance, you can display queue management information to make the waiting period seem shorter.

The information you can display includes calling the next clients forward and displaying the directions to till points. Another example is in hotels and restaurants. You can reduce waiting periods by displaying menus, popular television shows, and games.

That serves dual purposes as it can make customers stay for long at your business premise. Plus, all these are enough to improve your customer satisfaction scores due to a better customer experience.

Boost your social media engagement

Social media offers businesses- small and big alike- a platform to interact with their customers and promote services and products. It’s a convenient and outstanding strategy. Besides, most businesses can use two or more digital marketing strategies to complement each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

But how do digital signs and social media complement each other? Firstly, you need to engage your followers to garner more likes on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Electronic signs can help you achieve that.

You can start by indicating your social media account names for each platform. Then, every time you update your content, you can use hashtags. Your audience can use these to join your conversations on social media.

Moreover, you can encourage your followers to share your posts and digital signage content. It will allow you to reach more customers and drive in traffic. Besides, you can display posts and comments from your valued customers online and at the workplace for appreciation. That will not only drive in more customers but also influence more likes and followers.

People are usually more willing to mention your brand or use your hashtag if you show them you value them. Plus, you are more likely to influence your retail stores’ impulse buying if new customers see the positive feedback from other users.

Lastly, you can entice your customers to follow and like your social media accounts by offering discounts, promotions, exciting offers, freebies, among other rewards. For instance, every like you get followed by a unique code, that client can get a shopping voucher to use at your retail store.

Final thoughts

In this digital era, most consumers prefer digital engagement. What better way to achieve that than through digital signs? They are easy to maintain, affordable to use, and easy to update. Also, these signs can benefit your business in numerous ways.

Besides, adopting this strategy doesn’t require many skills to be able to pull it off. You can use a digital signage platform with great templates, digital signage software, and monitors or PC for quick installation and integrations. All you need are simple strategies that can make your displays better and much more engaging. These strategies are usually the same as the ones you use in other marketing strategies.

That includes using videos for improved engagement, interactive titles, graphics and headings, color to grab attention, knowing what content your audience wants to see, and lastly, keeping your content fresh with regular updates. With all these in mind, there is no reason why you should not adopt the digital signage system. Besides, you can use any device with this type of signage, including chrome OS and android players.

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