Tips for Managing Rapid Growth and Customer Security in Medium-sized Businesses

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 6th November 2020

When you first started your company, you were probably optimistic, but let’s be honest, did you see things going this well this quickly? Every entrepreneur starts their business with the hopes to grow it into something special, but it’s rare when the success is instant or rapid.

Believe it or not, rapid growth can be scary — it can even be catastrophic for your company if you’re not ready to grow with your customer base. Plenty of burgeoning businesses have had to shut down because their demand grew too quickly for their ability to meet it. Continue reading to get some ideas to help you manage your rapidly growing company.

Expand your customer service.

When your business starts to grow, one of the first things you’ll notice — besides the influx of new customers — is the volume of support issues you have to deal with. For medium-sized companies, the customer service expectations are high and if you can’t meet them and provide absolute customer satisfaction, then all of your growth was for nothing.

One of the best solutions for medium-sized businesses looking to scale their customer support solutions is virtual contact centers. With a virtual contact center, you can provide the solutions your customers need anytime and anywhere.

One of the best things about virtual contact centers is that they provide omnichannel capabilities. You can engage callers online via live chat and chatbots and then carry the conversation over to the phone lines seamlessly.

Bright Pattern’s call center software also easily integrates with almost any CRM software system to provide your support team with the tools they need to provide the best possible customer experience. Furthermore, you don’t have to build an on-premise call center. Your support team can also work remotely from home for convenience.

Develop a more targeted marketing strategy.

Now that you’ve done the hard work of acquiring new customers and taking care of their customer experience, your next job is to encourage customer loyalty and continue your growth. Believe it or not, while you should be expanding your customer service team, at this point, the best way to grow your customer base is by actually narrowing your marketing strategy to target key demographics.

By now, your company should have an identity — meaning that you should have a particular group of people in the wide world of consumers who your products and services are for. The best way to continue to grow your customer base is with a comprehensive SEO strategy. SEO is short for search engine optimization, and it’s a set of best practices aimed at drawing more traffic to your social media, bolstering your online presence, and including your search engine ranking.

If you’re not SEO savvy, then your best bet is to leave your SEO solutions to a digital marketing agency like 2Marketing. They can help you optimize everything from your social media to your digital marketing ads.

Upgrade your security infrastructure.

These days, your security infrastructure is about much more than physical security. Some of the world’s most successful criminals these days are cybercriminals, and one of the biggest tools cybercriminals use to rob companies and consumers is ransomware.

Ransomware is a type of cyberattack used to extort funds. Cybercriminals don’t use ransomware to steal data. They use it hold systems for a ransom demand until they’re paid off. If your enterprise infrastructure gets hijacked, then you’ll be at the mercy of heartless, tech-savvy ransom pirates.

Your best defense is to stay two steps ahead of the criminals. With a subscription to The Ransomware Guy, you’ll get regular updates and news regarding the latest ransomware strains and cybersecurity measures to combat them. You can also try Lockbit ransomware removal. The more you know, then the better you’ll be able to protect yours and your customer’s data from the pirates of the dark web. Yu

Cybersecurity is about more than just protecting your enterprise infrastructure, it’s also about protecting your company’s reputation and the personal information of all your customers. A data breach could ruin your business forever, so be sure to lock your system down like it’s Fort Knox.

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