Top 10 functional testing tools for automation in 2019

by Josh Biggs in Software on 25th June 2019

In the world of automation everywhere, people are looking for tools which can help them to reduce their time, money, and efforts. To explore the best tools in the world, you need to explore the requirements of your application. It’s now high time to know the importance of functional testing and the tools of the automation functional testing tools. It is very confusing and hard to decide which tools you should opt to perform the testing process. The market is full of the tools which can help you in performing automation testing, but you should consider one after analyzing the requirements of the project and skills of the testing team. The following is the list of various tools you may consider while implementing your functional testing.

  1. Selenium

Selenium is one of the fast-growing testing tools to perform automated functional testing. Most of the big brands are using this tool to implement their testing processes. The testing tool is capable of testing the applications on various browsers and various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, and MAC. The tool helps the test engineers to write test cases in various languages like PHP, JAVA, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, and Groovy. It also allows users to record and play the testing processes. Some of the browsers make the tool as its native part to make it convenient for the test engineers. It is also considered as the base of all testing tools.

2 TestingWhiz

This is one of the largest testing tools which support code fewer scripts. The tool is introduced by the Cygnet Infotech, which is a CMMI Level 3 IT solution organization. The tool comes in both free and paid versions. The paid version of the testing tool provides the complete package to perform all the automation tests. It helps to test the various aspects of web applications like database testing, mobile app testing, web application testing, API testing, and regression testing to maintain and optimize the web application. The following are the features of the testing tool stated below:-

  • The tool provides data-driven and key driven testing processes.
  • You can record and play the testing processes.
  • It can integrate with the various bug tracking tools like JIRA, FogBugz, and Mantis.
  • It allows the test engineer to perform risk-based testing.

3 HPE Unifies Functional

This is one of the most professional testing tools developed by HP. It offers to test the application for functional as well as regression testing. The tool uses Visual Basic language to write the testing scripts. This means you must know visual basic to use this tool. The following are the list of features offered by the testing tool:-

  • The testing tool provides unique and smart object recognition capability.
  • It has error handling capabilities.
  • The tool is capable of making automated documentation.
  • It is the tools which allow you the perform integration with Mercury Business processing and mercury quality center testing.

4 TestComplete

This testing tool allows the test engineers to perform automated testing for all the types of testing processes available in the software development life cycle. The tool provides the following testing features:

  • It provides a graphical user interface to the testing processes.
  • The testing tool accepts javascript, DelphiScript, C#, Script, and c++ for writing testing scripts.
  • This tool is capable of providing visually readable testing reports.
  • It can record the testing process.

5 Zephyr

It is one of the best selling testing tool to provide end to end solutions for all sizes of enterprises. It is one of the most versatile, feasible, and visible tools you will get in the market. The following are the features offered by the testing tool:-

  • It provides the facility of integration with JIRA, Jenkins, Confluence, Bamboo, and many more in just one click.
  • It provides DevOps dashboard along with the advanced analytics.
  • The testing tool offers you the Datacenter Development options.

6 TestCraft

The tool provides the codeless automation testing platform. It provides visual modeling which allows the faster test creating and implementation during removing test maintenance overhead. Below stated features are offered by the testing tool:-

  • Test engineer doesn’t need programming skills.
  • It reduces the maintenance cost with the help of Artificial Intelligence.
  • It quickly leverages and quick testing modules to save time.

7 Squish

It is also a GUI based automation testing tool and used by more than 3000 companies in the market to perform functional testing. The following are the various reasons to choose this testing tool:-

  • It supports all GUI technologies.
  • It can record the testing scripts.
  • There is no dependency on the visual appearance of the test cases.


8 TestCafe Studio

It supports cross platforms to perform functional testing. It allows test engineers to create, execute, and implement the testing process with no coding.

  • You don’t need to know the coding of the application
  • It supports cross-platform at one time.
  • It has an auto-generated selector for each page during the testing process.

9 Leap work

The testing tool based on the GUI interface this means to use the tool test engineers don’t need to learn to program. The following are the features of this automation testing tool:-

  • It can test applications in all the platforms.
  • It supports data-driven automation testing.
  • It can integrate with the CI/CD pipeline.

10 Watir

This is one of the most popular open source testing tools which is made in the Ruby libraries. The following are the various features of the testing tool:-

  • It accepts all the languages.
  • It supports cross-browsing testing as well.
  • It is compatible with business-driven applications.
  • It helps to test all the elements of the application.


The above listed functional automation testing tools are the best testing tools as per our research. You can consider them while hunting for a testing tool for your application. So, choose your option wisely. And for more articles stay tuned.

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