Top 10 Promotional Product Giveaways for Trade Shows

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 26th January 2019

If you are thinking about participating in an Expo or Trade show and you still wonder if the advertising gifts are a good option, then you don’t hesitate for a second more in choosing articles with your printer brand. Why? The reason is very simple:

  1. People love receiving free things. With promotional items you can call more people to visit you and you can use the product to open a conversation and turn it into a future client or build loyalty if you already know.
  2. Brand recall. One of the advantages of promotional items, is that if they are chosen with intelligence, the person who receives them will find that useful product and keep it for a minimum of 3 months that means that your brand will be present and it will be easier to keep in mind the name of your company or product.
  3. Low cost. The price is much more accessible than other types of advertising.
  4. You reach more people. Many promotional items pass from hand to hand, such as a pen, which means that your brand will reach more people who may be interested in your services.
  5. Loyalty. A person who receives a promotional gift will remember your brand and will prefer you over others. It is important to treat and consent to customers, in order to show good care.

As you can see, the promotional items are an excellent tool to reach more people in a simple way, for this reason, you cannot stop including the promotional ones in your marketing strategy.

Trade shows and exhibitions are really useful marketing events; if they are properly organized you can make important contracts. But: The competition is big, so you have to stand out.

We have put together a selection of 10 promotional products for trade shows:

  1. USB Touch Pen ballpoint pen

This is our favorite giveaway for a trade fair: It combines ballpoint pen with touch function with a high-quality rubber tip and a USB stick with up to 32 GB storage capacity.

  1. Lanyards

If you are attending a show, you usually need to carry the ticket on a ribbon around your neck. Just wear your own personalized lanyards, so visitors and exhibitors always see who you are.

  1. Shopping bags

Visitors love to take catalogues, brochures and other promotional items at trade fairs. Be smart and equip them with your bags. You will appreciate it and advertise your name at the fair and afterwards.

  1. Promotional Pen

The crown jewel of promotional items! Pens are cheap, useful and easy giveaways that everyone loves. Just make sure you have enough for the whole show because you will disappear from the tables and counters too fast!

  1. Power Bank 

Nowadays we spend a lot of time with our mobile phones. Not just for entertainment, but also for work purposes. When they are at a fair, few people bring a laptop with them but do everything on their Smartphone. Make sure the energy does not go out halfway.

Printed power banks are nice giveaways, so do not forget to always have some in stock!

  1. Business Card Cases

Business cards are still a key part of any trade show, especially when advertising new customers or other new business contacts. Have your business cards always at hand with this chic, stylish case! Always good for a first good impression!

  1. Sweets

Visitors love sweets. It is almost a must have on the stand. If you’re participating in a baking expo, make sure you have enough sweet treats like Chocolate where you can get from Chocolate manufacturer to give away to the attendees as they can turn from free tasters into potential customers in the future.

  1. Mini Drone

Drones are popular. And cool! If you really want to attract attention, there is currently hardly a better promotional item. This mini-drone can make 360 ​​° loops and fly for 5 minutes with just a 20-minute charge. It can be used outdoors and indoors and has an LED light to be flown at night.

It is never bad to leave a lasting impression…

  1. USB card

Print your business card directly on this USB memory in the form of a credit card. You can deposit your catalogue or brochures directly on it. You definitely stand out from the multitude of competitors, your business card will last a long time and you will help the planet by saving paper.

  1. Little Duck Bath Duck

Imagine how much parents are happy to be able to give this bath duck to their children. Yes, you have already convinced her.

Promotional items are a great way to drive traffic to your booth. Visitors love this kind of attention and offering them during such events guarantees long-term visibility.

Stand out from other exhibitors with personalized objects that are varied and practical! If some are timeless and still effective (advertising pen, custom pencil, USB key, custom t-shirts …), you can choose to bet on more original objects such as power banks or candies customizable. We also offer a variety of mugs, notepads and notebooks that are also highly appreciated by visitors.

Promotional gifts are the ideal solution for communication, graphic design and marketing professionals as they offer the opportunity to offer their customers what they need or want. Rather than using a flyer a communication medium, offering a free goodie at your events, parties and trade shows, allows for more personal attention. Your prospects and customers will give you more attention and will be more likely to come back to you in the future. Custom goods are indeed a way to build a real exchange and good business opportunities with your partners because they show the added value of your business and leave a memory especially positive and dedicated to its customers. A good advertising gift is perfect for displaying your image, logo or brand identity and thus improves your popularity and notoriety while giving pleasure to the one for whom it is intended.

Offering yourself a professional image and dedicated to its customers is probably the first reason why you want to distribute personalized advertising gifts, so it is important to ensure the quality of the items you order. With a box of goodies packaged in a nice package, you will offer your customers, partners and prospects useful and practical gifts personalized to the image of your company and improve the reputation of your business.

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