Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes Every Brand Should Look To Avoid

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 8th June 2020
  • Do you know how digital marketing mistakes can cost your brand dearly when it comes to online performance?
  • Are you aware of some of the mistakes that most brands make when it comes to digital marketing?
  • Have you tried talking to your agency of in-house teams and asking them whether they have been making these mistakes or not?

Every digital marketer or agency thinks that at some point or the other that they can outsmart Google. They feel that there are short cuts, which are there for the taking, without setting off any alarms.

However, what they do not know is that whether it is today, tomorrow or after a month, Google or other channels, which you are looking to manipulate, is going to catch up.

In this article, we look at the top 5 digital marketing mistakes, most brands, agencies and marketers are making in 2020. If you really want to be sure, that you are not doing the same, we suggest paying close attention to the article.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Mistakes to avoid in 2020: The List

  • Trying to cheat Search Engines by building spurious links-

If you even have an aorta of knowledge about Google’s quality guidelines, you will know that building backlinks through nefarious strategies is prohibited. The mistake most people, brands and agencies are making is not concentrating on the quality of the content.

Rather, they only focus on the number of links built. It is important to think past this strategy for Google’s algorithms are constantly being updated to catch these kinds of mistakes.

  • Trying to buy followers and engagement on search platforms-

You might think that it is easy to buy 10k followers by paying some bot a few hundred dollars. What you do not realise is the algorithms of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and others know what you are doing.

They might take the following steps- block your account forever; limit your reach drastically; or put your account under review. Any of these three things lead to suspension of the account in 90% of the cases.

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  • Trying to place links and content indiscriminately on Quora and Reddit-

Doing something just for the sake of it, is the policy of almost all non-credible agencies and marketers. Platforms like Quora, Reddit, Medium and others command large audiences. Brands look to tap into these audiences by seeding content and placing their links.

One of the things, which brands should do, is look to impart knowledge and impart education. Traffic will only come if you are able to build trust in the audiences, Try to link to blog pages/resource sections of your website.

  • Trying to give too much emphasis to paid adverts/clickbaits-

Brands fail to realise that audiences have evolved when it comes to using digital platforms. This means that a predominant emphasis on paid promotion channels and clickbaits is something, which should be avoided.

Brands should instead, look to focus on strategies like Content Marketing and other inbound channels. This will allow audiences to come to you and retain your audiences, rather than you going after them. This will build credibility and help you build an interested database of hot leads.

  • Trying to follow old and traditional digital marketing strategies-

Digital marketing is a highly evolving and complex channel of doing marketing, sales and outreach so take help of companies likes Mangomatter. What was good as a strategy two years back, is now redundant in the eyes of search engines and social media.

This is why as a brand; you need to work with agencies and marketers who are always on top of their game. This will help you take an innovative approach and always keep you ahead of your competitors. You can know more here about the latest digital marketing strategies.


Do you know why some brands are able to kill it on digital platforms, while others perform in a very below average manner? It is the above-mentioned mistakes, which are often the defining factor when it comes to best performing companies and the worst performing ones.

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