Top 5 enterprise SEO strategies in 2021

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 25th May 2021

Business is all about scalability. It is important to have the same SEO strategies, but implementing them on a larger scale. Enterprise SEO is all about handling larger businesses with millions of pages at the backend.

This is important since the growth of the businesses is multifold, and managing multiple web pages takes a lot of struggle. The SEO strategies can often vary at an enterprise level.

In this article, we shall look into the numerous SEO strategies, which can help enterprise levels businesses to capture the first SERP rankings.

Yet, the prior thing about any SEO strategy is data. Leveraging on the data becomes equally important if you are looking to work on enterprise SEO

  1. Don’t miss out on the low-hanging fruit: Are you still worried about getting the first rank in the SERP? Well, the art to getting it is by tapping the web pages ranked 11-20. Often, the long-tailed keywords in these pages help in rising up the rankings.

    Keywords in the striking distance can be easily tapped using the Ahrefs or SEMRush. All you need to do is enter the domain you are working for, select the targeted location and export the numbers.

    And, you get a list of the keywords for which you can rank higher in the SERP rankings!

    Though it might not take you to the first page over the night, it surely will take you closer to it. Targeting keywords that are in reach improves the visibility, and enhances the conversion rates as well! So, why not give it a try?!
  2. Focus on creating elaborate content: Now that you are aware of the new set of keywords, it is time to have some smashing content for yourself. And, how do you think it can be approached?

    Find the thin pages on your website, where the content is lacking. Make sure to fill them up with some striking and eye-catching content.


    Not only does it make your webpage more discoverable, but also enhances the chances of ranking higher in the SERP. A well-framed content is actually the best route to gaining higher DA, better engagement, and improved user experience. 
  3. Leverage the search intent: With the growth of the informational search, quality content creation becomes important that delivers solution to the audience. The content creation ensures that the users are provided with the best reasons to visit your website.

    As the site visits increase, the web-crawler can position your site even higher in the SERP. The most preferred type of content is the video content and answer boxes, which ensure user interaction as well.

    Short content always works best, compared to longer, boring content, serving zero purposes. 
  4. Leverage the power of featured snippets: If you answer the query in the FAQ section, chances of having a featured snippet rises. Featured snippets help in rising up the ranks of the search engine and generating more views.

    An important trick to have a featured snippet is to use schema markup, for every important section like how-to, FAQ, Products, reviews etc. This way, you have a higher chance to rank higher by providing proper information about your pages to search engines.
  1. Defining the structure of your web page: Internal linking always enhances the way a crawler crawls through your website. It is important that, if your website hosts any particular topic, you link both the pages.

    Organic performance depends on only external links that are received from sites with high domain authority. This is completely a myth today. Having the right balance of internal and external linking ensures that your content ranks on the first page. 

Bottom line: The right strategy to rank higher in the SERP rankings is to stay updated about the changing algorithm. The changing algorithm makes it difficult to rank higher, if not being aware of the same. 

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