Top 5 Logo Design Tips For Your Business Brand

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 26th October 2020

You’ve taken on the challenging yet fulfilling route of starting your own enterprise. Now comes one of the most exciting parts of it— creating your business logo. If you’re unsure of how to go about this task, with the aid of a monogram maker and tips from business marketing experts, here’s how to do it hassle-free. 

How To Create A Logo 

1. Brand Identity Definition 

What is your brand all about? This one question needs to be answered before you begin the logo-creation process. When people look at your business and brand, what do you want them to see? What do you want them to feel? 

Another follow-up question is this: what is your business’ personality? A technique to answer this clearly and concisely is to go back to what you believe makes your business special. What makes it stand out among its competitors?

Next, think of three descriptive words that point towards what your business is all about and let your logo revolve around said words.

2. More Brainstorming 

If you work with a team, have everyone participate in this brainstorming session. Get the team to go as out-of-the-box as they can with their ideas (that is, after all, what brainstorming is about) and make sure to record every single idea they come up with. 

Often, it’s through these sessions of idea-sharing, no matter how ridiculous, that a striking concept will emerge at the offing. And it’ll hit you like a brick wall, in the best way possible. 

Still, don’t stop with that single striking concept. Not even two or three. Brainstorming is about “the crazier, the better”, and “the more, the… yup, merrier”.

In addition to this, a method for branding and logo-creation that successful businesses employ is to think about your audience. What is your client-demographic? And what about your brand do they like?

3. Mood Board 

Since a logo is all about “visual” interpretation, utilising a mood board might prove helpful. This can be a part of your brainstorming session/s as it will be easier to visualize ideas through this approach. 

Sketch draft-logo designs and select the cream of the crop from said designs, and pit the winners side by side against each other on the mood board. 

In case the team seems to be on a “blank-slate” and is having trouble getting their creative juices flowing, how about checking out the logos of your competitors? You won’t be copying them inch per inch, of course! However, you’ll at least get a few ideas on how to set your logo up from scratch.

4. Design Style And Colours 

Afterwards, the next step will be down to the nitty-gritty details. Align the design style and colours of the brand to that of your products and/ or services. Although, if you’ll be relying on a monogram for leather, you’ll have one less problem to think about— colour. 

If this is so, then simply focus your attention on the design itself. You can talk to your design expert/s to give you some tips on easing out the “rough edges” of the team’s design and making the logo more straight-to-the-point and catchy. Remember, “recall” is crucial in logo-creation and your designer may have pieces of creative advice regarding how to achieve this as well. 

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