Top 5 People Search Websites

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 24th July 2020

Typically, search engines aren’t that great at finding people. They can inform you if someone has a public profile or a website, but you won’t learn where they are, what they’re doing, or anything else like that. A people search website is a much better option when you want to find a person, whether they are an old friend or estranged relative. A people search website is also useful for checking the background of a new acquaintance. 

Not all people search websites are made equal. Some can tell you about a person’s education, but not their employment history. Some can tell you about someone’s assets and financial interests. Others include social media profiles and accounts. 

  1. UnMask 

There are a few important reasons to use UnMask. Maybe you’re an employer interviewing job applicants. As long as you comply with FCRA guidelines, you can run a background check to confirm claims made during interviews, certifications, degrees, and other things on a person’s resume. 

Maybe you’ve met someone online that’s showing promise. Social media and online dating apps are two of the most common ways for people to meet today. Information obtained about this person can help ease worries over a potential new romantic relationship.

  1. PeopleFinders

PeopleFinders has access to data on more than 250 million Americans, using over 43 billion public records. It offers several people finding services. The main one is for background checks, but you can also lookup an address to learn the property’s history, not only who has lived there. Buyers looking to move house consider this an advantage. 

You can also look through a criminal record database using this site. It lets you sift through court records for arrests, traffic violations, and more. Moreover, you can identify callers before picking up if you opt for reverse phone lookups. 

  1. Instant Checkmate 

This site seems to search every registry one can imagine. Its comprehensive reports cover assets, marriage, and criminal history. It can tell you if there are any registered sex offenders in your area. The site urges caution, using lengthy warnings about the content it might unearth. 

Both of the site’s paid plans offer unlimited reports. The monthly one is relatively expensive, but that’s because it is very high quality and has lots of functions and features. It offers a remarkably comprehensive service, letting users search for things like weapons permits, criminal records, addresses, bankruptcies, and phone information. 


This site lets you find people by address, phone number, or name. It offers free detailed reports, putting it right up there with the best people search sites. In fact, free results are much more valuable than what people get using some paid tools. Among the examples of the free results you can get are information about the person’s age and current address, relatives, email addresses, wireless and/or landline phone numbers, previous residences, possible associates, and associated names. 

You can use the site’s age filter to narrow the results down if there are lots of records. On every user’s page, there is a link to download the full (and paid) report. 

  1. TruthFinder

Our final choice provides a thorough and detailed search. It is quite apt at finding people. The list of things it can search for is practically endless, including one or more of the following (usually more): misdemeanors, traffic offenses, court records, felonies, judgments, relatives, bankruptcies, phone numbers, online profiles, sex offenses, assets, mugshots, arrest records, address information, and weapons permits. 

After that, the site searches for the person’s email addresses, job information, education history, dating profiles, death records, government watch list records, videos, blog posts, social media images, registered domains, and online interests. Quite detailed indeed. 

Why is TruthFinder all the way down at no. 5 on our list. It is better known than some of the others. The only free search you can do is for someone’s full name. To see any aliases, their current or previous location, their age, their email provider (Google or Yahoo), a list of possible relatives, or their phone number’s last four digits, you will need to pay. 

Final Tips on Using People Search Websites

These sites collect and sell data legally, either by buying it themselves or sourcing it from public databases. You can use them to make sure your children aren’t interacting with pedophiles or anyone else with an ulterior motive. 

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