Top 7 certification that can boost your professional career

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 22nd October 2019

One way to increase the quality of a professional career is by acquiring field-related certifications, and this is an optimal option. It will keep the individual up to date with the developments in the market, the technology, and many other subject areas that continue to develop.

The bad news is that this learning doesn’t always fit into your schedule. There is a piece of good news, regardless of your timetable, you can earn certifications. You want your career to be enhanced? And do you think of starting an online certification course? If so, Simplilearn is an ideal way to advance your career.

The 7 most relevant online certifications have been compiled here to improve your career status. Look below and then enroll as soon as you can to attend these online certification courses.

  1. Project Management Certifications (PMP)

Everyone wants to have the leadership and organizational skills of a Project Manager, but this certification shows that you can manage other variables, strategize multi-faceted variables, and run projects from beginning to completion.

For employers, this credential is very appealing as it demonstrates that you can take charge of any management position. The credential is offered at the Simplilearn, which is directed by the project-management experts.

Huffington Post notes that those with this credential will receive 9% more than those without a certification for their salary.

While considering your options for Project Management Professional training, take a close look at the certificate courses and certificate programs offered by Simplilearn.

Courses on Simplilearn can be completed 100% online through a flexible, video-based e-learning platform.

These certificate courses and certificate programs are ideal for professionals who wish to obtain PMP certification for newcomers, as well as those who need continuing education credits to maintain certification.   

  1. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

The Project Management Institute (PMI) has been helping business workers develop careers in project management, mainly through professional development and certifications.

CAPM – Certified Associate in Project Management is ideal for up-and-coming PMs. Certified Associated program includes project quality planning, work breakdown structures, controlling costs, communication management, among many others.

These courses emphasize the key practical skills needed to keep both small and large-scale projects running without errors.

  1. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

The recent explosion of AWS Certified Developer certification is directly linked to the rapid growth of cloud-based applications in organizations, which can rapidly boost their footprint and remain competitive. This is also linked to the explosive growth in IoT and mobile creation, many of which are enabled by cloud resources.

This certification validates technical experience in developing and maintaining applications on AWS.

Achieving the AWS Certified Developer certification demonstrates the power to efficiently use AWS SDKs to move with services from among applications and write code that optimizes AWS application performance.

  1. Certified Scrum-master

You can find out how to apply Scrum to your projects, how to manage the cultural changes required to implement Scrum’s structure, and how to execute it. The emphasis is on work-level reporting, the use of Burndown Charts to show regular progress, and Daily Scrum meetings, which together raise awareness of the current situation of the company.

Achieving a Certified Scrum-master certificate validates that you understand the Agile Scrum methodology and are well-versed in putting Scrum into practice. A Certified Scrum-master leads a team and helps them work together to learn the Scrum framework and perform at their highest level.

  1. Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching

If you want to be a network engineer or admin, you typically should have a CCNP. Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching Certificates provide Network Engineering and Administrators with expertise in developing, installing, tracking, and troubleshooting local and broad-based company networks and can interact with specialized security, voice, wireless, and video solutions specialists.

This certification is always in demand. While different areas come back and go, routing and switching is something that is required for almost all organizations, whether they hold their data locally or in the cloud.

  1. Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

Although CISA is introduced in late 1970, it is relevant today. Also, the ISACA also defines the CISA credential as a “globally recognized certification for IS audit control.” This certification is initially designed for individuals who are seeking to supervise, review, audit, and track IT systems. And the certification is presented after completion of a comprehensive testing and application process.

Once you have achieved this qualification, you will have acquired enough expertise to change various policies to meet the current industry expectations. You can also handle any bugs that happen during the process.

  1. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

If you’re interested in analyzing business needs and coming up with solutions, take a look at the Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), it is an online training program for business analysts.

This course has been designed to supply intense preparation for the CBAP certification communication. The focus is on understanding the business analysis body of knowledge(BABOK), getting fluency within the language of the BABOK, and distinguishing the tools and techniques that are an area of business analysts.

While there is no path to becoming a CBAP and the path you take depends on the time you wish to invest, your budget, and your timeline for becoming certified, there are some general phases of preparation that every individual should look at.

Earning an online certification will make you stand out from the crowd of your future professional career, so what are you waiting for? If you’re ready for a fulfilling career, there’s no better way than to join Simplilearn.

We are offering over 800 courses in business, PMP, digital marketing, and technology like machine learning & Data Science. Simplilearn provides its students with certificates and hours of content. Certificates from this online learning platform are recognized by top MNC’s.

Courses are taught by industry experts. If you aspire to move into Project Management with a certificate, Simplilearn is a great way to enhance your current job talent, learn a new skill, or even learn about a new career, why late? Enroll now

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