Top Tips For Blogger Outreach In 2019

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 8th September 2019

Digital marketing is a growing field. Since the introduction of Google, bloggers and website admins have been playing hard to get their websites to rank in SERPs.

Out of the many factors that Google considers nowadays for ranking webpages in search results, backlinks are still amongst the top three. Although there have been many updates regarding the backlinks and link profile, link-building is still practiced in a conventional way, more or less.

In this article, we shall be disclosing some of the pro-tips for blogger outreach that you can use in 2019.


  • Sort The Prospects

Before you even begin outreaching bloggers, you need to sort out the best prospects. You are the best critic of your website. You know the best, what your website covers and what is the niche it follows. For this reason, you should sort the bloggers according to what you need. For example, OutreachMonks blogger outreach services, make sure that your website scores a backlink only from the blogs relevant to your website. This, in turn, facilitates in maintaining a rapport and building authority for your website. This is the reason, sorting out the prospects is important. Reaching out to irrelevant bloggers may do more harm than good to your website in the long run.

  • Personalized Emails Receive Higher Response

Now that you have a list of potential prospects, you need to outreach them. It is obvious that bloggers receive hundreds and thousands of emails every day. You need to grab their attention out of all the junk they receive on a daily basis. A smart way to get the bloggers to respond to your email is to personalize their experience. Find some common ground to begin the conversation and slowly drive towards your motive. All you need from them is to respond back to you in order to propose a partnership or collaboration.

  • Make Sure That You Maintain A Healthy Profile

An important aspect to keep in mind while partnering with bloggers is maintaining a healthy link profile. It refers to the quality of websites and blogs that your website is linked with. You’ve already sorted the prospects and outreached them, but did you check the quality of the blog? You need to make sure that no link is fetched from any spammy or phishing website. This may lead to a penalty for your website. Or in the worst case, it can also lead to de-indexing of your website from Google.

  • Relevancy And Diversification Go Hand In Hand

As already mentioned, relevancy in link building is important. Apart from relevancy, diversification of anchor text and landing pages is also important. Google considers a cross-network of links both outbound and inbound, and internal and external equally important in ranking the pages. According to experts from Outreach Monks, diversification of landing pages and the anchors according to the page and outreached blog can help maintain a healthy link profile.

  • Consider The Metrics For Website Before Negotiations

Now that you have everything in place, and you have started receiving a response from bloggers, its time to negotiate. And come to terms mutually. To gain the real benefit out of the blogger outreach make sure you go through the metrics of the website. This would help you negotiate better and strike the perfect deal.

These tips will surely help bring your website amongst the top rankers in Google search results. All you need is patience and consistency in efforts.

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