Top ways to protect your brand’s online reputation

by Josh Biggs in Business on 23rd September 2020

Whether you want to sign up for a company’s services or you want to buy a company’s products, the first thing you perhaps always do is an online search. This is also something that many people do before they decide to work for your company. So the harmful content of your business can lead to loss of business opportunities. 

This is the reason why you need online reputation management to protect your brand. Once you protect your online reputation, you can rest assured that your brand is safe and your brand can have a rock-solid foundation. This article discusses some of the top ways to protect your brand’s online reputation. 

Conduct a Google search

Looking up on Google for your business is one of the best ways you can take the first steps to protect the reputation of the brand. This can help you to identify if any search results may be damaging the reputation of your brand. In case there is one, you need to contact the website to have the harmful content removed. 

Here is how you can contact the site directly, make sure that you click on the privacy or contact page of the site. You should remember that there is no guarantee that the website will remove the harmful content, but you just need to try it. If you’re not sure how to do it, check at for more information. 

Create a Google alert

The best thing about Google Alerts is that you can be notified of any stories that happen associated with your brand. This can enable you to know of harmful content that is damaging your brand. Therefore, go to Google Alerts and simply follow the instructions. You need to set up your business or your full name so that you can receive the alerts.

Prevent anyone tagging you damaging pictures

Unfortunately, tagging embarrassing pictures can damage the reputation of your brand. This means even pictures that show people engaging in activities that should have been private. So if you see yourself tagged in a picture, you should always contact them to remove the tag and tell them to avoid tagging you in the future. 

Besides this, review the social media pages’ privacy settings to make sure that either your personal or business information can only be shared with people who are supposed to see it.

Assess the content before you post

It can be pretty hard to remove the content that you share online. So before you share the content or comment on anything, make sure that your actions will not damage your brand. Ideally, don’t share any content on the social media platform when you are angry. Likewise, don’t publish negative comments about your customers, business associates, and many others.

You can improve the customers’ perception of your brand by ensuring that you spell-check your content, such as comments and posts. You should keep in mind that it takes years to build a brand, but it can also be destroyed in a couple of minutes by harmful content that you post.

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