Topica raised $50M for its Online Learning Services in South East Asia

by megan jones in News on 29th November 2018

Topica Edtech Group is one of the leading Multinational educational technology company in Southeast Asia with its headquarters located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Founded by Tuan Phan in 2008, Topica is now expanded in many countries like Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the US. It provides Online education solutions all-over the world.

Various programs and courses like Topica Uni, Topica Native and Edumall are the most famous in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Series D Funding

Recently in series D funding round, Topica has raised $50M with Northstar group which mainly invests in the growth of startups in the southeast Asian countries as lead investor along with 5 other investors like CyberAgent ventures, Openspace ventures, IDG Ventures, Patamar capital, and Edulab Inc. Tuan Phan the founder of Topica stated that these newly funds will be widely utilised for the global expansion of its services.

Topica Uni

This is a Bachelor’s Degree Program which operates with 16 most top-tier universities and institutions in the US, Vietnam, and the Philippines to provide High-Quality Online degree programs. And there are several accredited Universities in the United States that consider credits from programs powered by Topica.

There are over 6200 alumni with Course completion and career development, among which 97% of them are employed and 34% of them have found better jobs. And the salaries are increased with 16.1% which is 1.5 times when compared to the National Average Wage. There are hundreds of Topica’s employee who have become CEOs, Managers, Founders, etc.. in various firms. There are several students who have completed their Master’s degrees enrolled with Tropica Uni. Among which 21% are graduated previously from various top fulltime Universities and 43% of them are from top tier institutions.

Topica Native

An Online English Speaking tutorial course in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand, taught by teachers from America, Europe and Australia. And Topica is the first to launch an Augmented reality App for Speech Tutoring in the world. Sessions start on daily basis from 8AM to 12PM.

Topica Edumall

A Short-Skill course and the largest platform in countries like Vietnam and Thailand. This course offers Video Learning content on all the most popular topics from excel to Guitar classes and even raising Kids. This Course is most accessible to people irrespective of the ages, Occupation and Gender.

Topica People

Its dedicated to improving Education in the countries of South-East Asia. There is over 1400 full-time staff, over 1000 Industry instructors and Academic Professors. Topica has its offices in Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Jakarta, HCMC, Hanoi. Topica has received awards like Danang finalist of Development gateway Award in the year 2007, World economic forum young Global leader in the year 2018 and Stockholm challenge GKP award in the year 2008.

Topica Technologies

Topica has Pioneering education Technologies. Topica has started English speech tutorials for the first time in World by Google Glass. Online classes are available in many technological methods like Smartphones, Smartwatches, IPTV, 3D virtual environment.
In the year 2006, Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates and the Deputy Prime minister of Vietnam, Pham Gia Khiem has launched TOPIC64, which is an E-learning Infrastructure Development Project in 64 Provinces of Vietnam.

Companies like Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, USAID and Qualcomm are the sponsors of TOPIC64 Project.


Since Topica has come up with innovative ideas, diversified Course structure, and its feasibility to access are the main reasons for its growth and success. And now Topica is in a mode of expansion in order to reach people in many other regions. In other words, Topica is “Happy Learning”.

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