Universal Parcel Tracker – Post Track Review

by Josh Biggs in Reviews, Tech on 1st February 2021

How frequently do you order from online? Quite frequently, right? Online shopping has become popular over the past few years. People prefer comfort over everything else. This is one of the main reasons why most people prefer online shopping. With busy schedules, it is pretty hard to find time to go shopping. Apart from that, spending the free day on shopping may not be the first thing on the list for many. So they prefer to shop online and also most importantly they can find everything online. Yup, luxury goods to designer brands there is not a thing that couldn’t be bought online. The most exciting part of online shopping is receiving the package and trying out the ordered items. 

From the time you have placed your order to the time you receive it to your doorstep how many times do you check? You check atleast once a day right? If it is an international package it could be more than once. Not only online shopping delivery packages, people wait excitedly and check the status of their parcels repeatedly till the parcel is delivered. Well the psychology behind this is pre parcel anxiety. Yup, this is the term that would define your impatience and anxiety filled glances at your door waiting for the parcel. 

Although online merchants provide you with tracking this anxiety doesn’t substitute. That is the case, if you know the whereabouts of your package. What if you don’t know the whereabouts of your parcel incase of delay tracking. There are times that the tracking can be delayed or not updated. Well if you’re someone who needs to be constantly updated about your parcel then Post Track is just for you.

Wondering what is Post Track and how it will help you in tracking your parcel? Stick till the end of this article to find out more.

What is Post Track?

Post Track is a universal parcel tracker. With this Post Track by your side you will never again have to worry about tracking your parcel. Yup, you heard it right. This platform makes tracking your parcel simple and easy. All you need to have is the tracking ID (It is a unique number given by the shipment company). There are often times that you don’t know which provider has your parcel so it becomes hard to track and manage the parcel. However, with Post Track you don’t need to have all the details about the carrier to know the whereabouts of your package. Post Track collaborates with many popular and international carriers. On their website Post Track has compiled a list of FAQs about all these popular carriers so that users can easily track their parcel.

Post Track has combined all the delivery and mail services. It has created a list of statuses relating to the parcels that is perfect for all the carriers. When you enter the tracking id in the search bar you will be notified about the status of your parcel. This platform has the statuses listed below,

  • Not found
  • Not delivered
  • Alert
  • Delivered
  • Pick-Up
  • Expired
  • In-Transit

They have provided detailed meaning of each of these status in their website. Another best thing about this platform is that you can manage more than one parcel at a time. Also this platform helps you track the shipment from major online shops such as AliExpress, Wish, ASOS, DHGate, Lazada, GearBest, etc.

Features of Post Track

Want to know what makes this platform different from other tracking platforms? Well, the answer is pretty straight forward. It is the features. This platform offers some of the unique features. 

Parcel Notification 

You will have all the information relating to your person at hand. Yup, you heard it right. You can sync the account on different devices i..e, mobiles, browser, laptops, etc. If there are any changes in the delivery status of your parcel you will receive notification to your email about the same. If you add the browser extension of Post Track you can receive notifications about your parcel details even when you are working. You will have to never again worry about missing any information about your parcel as they send notifications.

Parcel Tracking

You don’t have to worry even if you don’t know the carrier name. As you see, this platform supports around 370 carriers. Not only that, users can track more than one package at a time. Yup, you can track around 40 active parcels at a time. If you’re a small business owner then you can track your parcels simultaneously and the platform provide excellent customer service. Bulk tracking is one of the specialities of Post Track. On this platform, you can auto detect the carrier through tracking numbers too. Also you can archive parcels. Simply put, you can check your old parcels too. Parcels from any part of the world can be tracked through this platform. With Post Track USPS Tracking is also possible. Yup, you can track your parcel from the USA too. 

Excellent Customer Support

Customer support is truly important, in case you’re stuck anywhere the customer support should help you in resolving the issue. Post Track has an excellent customer support team, they are well trained and provide you professional support 24/7. You can even approach them on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. 


Another excellent feature that should be talked about is accessibility of Post Track. It is available in both Mobile (Android and iOS) and Desktop versions. Their website is also available in 3 languages making it more accessible to users. It auto translates the status of parcels to the users. 

Post Track Review

Well, technology advancement has made people’s life easy. It has paved the way for online shopping and made shopping simple and convenient. With online shopping becoming a huge thing, it has become important for people to track their parcels. Not only online shopping, if you’re a student staying away from home, every parcel you receive from home can be previous. So if you don’t find the exact location of your parcel, you may panic. Not anymore, with Post Track you can easily track and manage your package. 

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