Unleash a New JIRA with Power Scripting

by Josh Biggs in Software, Tech on 17th October 2020

We live in an era of Information and Technology, shortened as IT. Everything around us has a deep involvement in IT right from our banking, insurance, medicines, travel, etc. The way IT interacts with the common person is via software and hardware, manifested as websites or apps and computers or smartphones respectively. The process of developing the software has to undergo various stages before becoming useful.

JIRA: A powerful tool

Continuing the above discussion, there are primarily two stages in software development:

  • Building the software by writing codes in the various programming languages
  • Testing the software in its dummy versions before sending it out in the market

JIRA is a management tool that is extensively used to track the progress of any project. It was developed to track mainly issues and bugs in the project. However, at present, it can be used for other purposes as well as requirements, agile software development, test cases management along with its original function of bug and issue tracking.

The current focus in any kind of project management is agile transformation. It means delivering the software features in small pieces at frequent intervals. JIRA is well aligned with the agile concepts, which makes it the industry’s favorite despite several other test management and defect tracking tools like HP ALM, Bugzilla, etc.

JIRA Power Script: The Future

Before, we get into power scripting; we need to understand about JIRA Scripting, which is the use of programming language for writing codes in JIRA to automate the various tasks that can be performed using the tool. It means that JIRA would be able to perform multitudes of tasks on its own without any human intervention when these scripts are run.

In the era of rapid enhancements, especially in the IT world, JIRA Scripting is a thing of the past. The new In-thing is JIRA Power Scripting. It has become more popular with the introduction of SIL (Simple Issue Language). This helps in automating various workflows quite easily as code can be written with very little knowledge of programming languages.

Various other factors that make Power Scripting more popular such as:

  • Removing redundant single-functional apps with a customized all-in-one Script
  • Customized automation of any workflows with conditional formatting
  • Power Scripting does not only allow the automation of the workflows but also notifications and batch-update implementations
  • It allows manipulation of the JIRA User Interface
  • The scripts can be scheduled at one’s convenience and from any console
  • While SIL is the primary programming language, it is also compatible with that of its predecessor, which is Groovy

The most interesting part is that JIRA Power Scripting can be hosted on multiple platforms like Cloud, Data Centre, and Servers.

The Power Scripting option is like a JIRA Admin’s own magical minion that can take care of all the tasks all by itself with just a single click. The reason behind this is the ever-changing requirements and features that the product owners need to update along with the various issues and bugs that are identified during the process of quality assurance.

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