Using Branding to Build Your Business

by Josh Biggs in Business, Marketing on 29th June 2020

When you first dream of owning your own business and being your own boss, you are filled with excitement and hope for the future. The opportunity to work for yourself and to know that all your hard work will truly matter is important in life. You, or perhaps you and your partners, will hash out a lot of ideas before settling on the one or two great concepts that will be the foundation for the venture you launch into the world.

As an entrepreneur you know that even the most brilliant initial business idea is not a guarantee of success. Your company needs to stand out in the market and your branding needs to be noticed and memorable. In today’s world lots of things compete for our attention, from endless social media feeds to work emails that seem to never cease. You’ll want a branding strategy that cuts through the noise and leaves your customers and prospects impressed.

Defining Your Brand with the Customer is Mind

In a way, defining your brand is like one of those soul-searching quests. You need to really examine your company’s mission and take a look at the key benefits of the products you offer. It’s important to chart out the values and unique aspects of your business and dive deep into what appeals to your customers and prospects. 

One of the key ways you can analyze what your customers think about your firm and what you bring to the marketplace is by conducting market research. With a well-designed market research study, you’ll be able to get to the deeper truths and truly understand how your business and brand is perceived. You’ll also learn what your customers and prospects truly value and seek.

Unique May Be Good but Memorable Wins

When you are developing your branding, you’ll want to work with a top-notch graphic design firm. These design professionals can listen to your brand story and help design the visual images that translate your story into images your clients will find compelling. With their expertise, you can emerge from the branding process with a logo, web site design and collateral that tells your story in the perfect way.

A lot of time in the branding process firms struggle to come up with an image that is totally unique. Yet in a way it’s memorable that wins in the marketplace, rather than unique. You want a company and brand image that is instantly recognizable and that customers feel has been with them forever. When they see your memorable images and brand it should instantly trigger your brand story in their mind.

Bring Color into the Emotional Pitch

Colors instantly trigger emotions and can be used as part of your branding pitch. By choosing the right colors, you’ll be conveying a message without using words at all. For an example, let’s look at the logo for Japan Airlines. It’s an image done entirely in red and includes visual elements of a magnificent bird whose wings unfold and come together to form a circle.

Each of these elements was chosen for the specific, almost subliminal meaning that is expressed. The color red is a symbol of good luck in Asian countries and also signifies power. The image of the bird represents flight. When the wings come together for form a red circle that represents the Japanese flag. Altogether, the image instantly communicates power and air travel with a Japanese company as well as good luck with your journey.

If you want to develop a great branding strategy for your company and the products you sell, it’s best to work with a professional graphic design firm. They have the creativity, skills and design expertise to translate your mission and positioning into visual images that are both compelling and memorable.

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