Ways To Protect Your Privacy When Running A Home Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 31st July 2022

Privacy is vital in the world of business. Even minor security breaches can cause a lot of destruction, compromising a firm’s prospects. 

Still, though remote working has become more popular, it is not just the grunt workers who perform their roles from home. Solo entrepreneurs can also set up companies from their bedrooms and studies, overseeing their enterprise while relaxing in their pyjamas. 

Of course, it is possible to get too comfortable here. Some business leaders may get so laid back that they forget to maintain their privacy. In most cases, once that line has been crossed, there is no going back to the other side. 

How can you protect your privacy when running your home business? We have listed some suggestions for you below. 

Set Boundaries With Fellow Residents

Whether you’re living with family or friends, a few red lines must be drawn around your home business operation. Communicating those boundaries is imperative too. 

For example, the people you are living with should not:

  • Access your work devices, even for a quick Google search or to send a quick message. 
  • Take any selfies or film any footage in your work area. 
  • Keep the noise down when you are taking important calls. 
  • Not discuss anything regarding your home business or working life with anyone. 

Some of these measures may seem like overkill. However, it only takes a small lapse of judgements for many of these problems to snowball into something bigger. While running a business from home, your personal and professional life should intersect as little as possible. Those around you should respect that, too. 

Consider soundproofing your room as an extra precaution. That way, no one on your property, including visitors, will be able to hear what you’re up to. After all, you never know if someone will relay any business conversations you’ve had to others, even with good intentions only. 

Use a Virtual Office Address

You might run a business from home, but that does not mean all aspects of the firm need to be rooted there. Sometimes, it is better to branch out somewhat, especially for receiving physical mail. 

Fortunately, the physical address service from PhysicalAddress.com can reroute all your mail to one of their locations in Florida, Georgia, and more. They then scan it, give you virtual access, and can shred the documents after. Consequently, you do not need to provide your home address for mail, thereby protecting your privacy. Access your postal mail anywhere, anytime. There are no contract or sign-up fees, helping you save money. 

It is not always nice to be automatically distrusting in business. However, the more roadblocks you can put up between your home business and any invasive parties, the better. In the end, it does not hurt to be extra careful, and it can even be a smart, strategic move. Work with expert services on this for additional assurances and peace of mind. 

Do Not Use Personal Email Addresses

It’s not just others finding you physically that you need to be aware of. Many complications can arise if you use your personal email address for business. 

For example, some social media websites allow users to be found by inputting their email contacts and addresses. Of course, some professionals want to be found online, but often these accounts will be tailored for business purposes. If you have clients with certain biases around politics or social politics, your personal feed may deter them from doing business with you. Even the tongue-in-cheek jokes and memes you post may be perceived in the wrong light. 

Other risks can be incurred too. If you have any IT staff working remotely, they may be unable to help you with as many security concerns as possible if you’re using a personal email. After all, work emails are often linked to an internal company system. There can also be more lax identity controls with personal email addresses, whereas work counterparts may have multi-factor authentication processes to embolden security. 

Upgrade Your Security 

People need to know you mean business, even if they do not know you run a business from home. That can mean installing CCTV cameras outside, accompanied by signs, informing potential trespassers your property is monitored and secure. 

Hire a professional security firm to implement these measures. They may be able also to complement these features with remote access control. If you are ever out of the house, you should be able to monitor your workstation from wherever you are in the world. 

Installing additional locks around your work area is also a good idea. You should regularly test your burglar alarms too. Consult an electrician on installing bright motion-sensor triggered lights at the front and back of your property – this can be enough to deter any would-be trespassers. 

Keep reviewing security measures as time goes on. After all, upgrades and updates are often made as new technology is released. You can never have too much security, and there is always a way to take things to the next step, so keep an open mind. 

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