What Are the Real Costs of Starting a Business and How to Reduce It?

by Josh Biggs in Business on 18th June 2021

What Are the Real Costs of Starting a Business and How to Reduce It?

Startup costs are an integral part of the startup process. They are an aspect of your business budget that should never be overlooked. Before going into the details of what these costs are and how you can reduce them, it is important to define the concept of startup costs in the first place. So, what are startup costs? 

These are expenses that are incurred in the course of starting a new business. Every business must have startup costs, and startups and entrepreneurs must be conversant with this. If you do not have a proper budget for your startup costs, it can significantly hamper the launch of the new business.

Important Startup Costs Every Entrepreneur and Startup Should Know

Every business is distinct with different requirements and of course, different startup costs. The specific costs for starting a business will depend on many factors, such as the business specifications and needs. However, there are specific costs that apply to almost any type of business. 

Understanding these costs will enable an entrepreneur to appropriately plan their budget and reduce cost. It may interest you to note that one significant way to cut startup costs is to determine from the onset to adopt the digital way of doing business. 

With this, you can cut significantly on the use of paper by opting for digital signatures, such as Signature Generator. We will explore more on this later in this post. So, what are the real costs of starting a business?

  •  Research Costs

If you want to start a new business, it is recommended that you conduct some level of research. You should know if the business you want to launch is in demand and profitable. It is also critical to know your target market and how to reach them. 

You may decide to hire a market research firm to assess the market and industry before you launch your business. You may also research on your own to save costs on this. If you decide to hire a research firm, you have to factor in the cost of your business cost.

  • Technology Cost

This covers a variety of costs, including developing and maintaining a business website, investing in payroll service and accounting software, installing information systems, and other digital solutions, such as a digital signature. In some cases, you can outsource some of these business requirements to reduce costs. 

For instance, you can choose to outsource their accounting and payroll needs to a firm to cut costs. However, there are some that you should invest in to cut immediate and future costs. Digital signature technology is one of these important solutions that you need. You can view more about signing online here.

  • Financing Costs

Most startups do not have the required capital to start a business. To resolve the issue of capital, they often explore debt financing or equity financing. With debt financing, the business owner borrows directly and for equity financing, they sell a part of their business to stakeholders to get financial backing. Both options come at a cost.

  • Licensing, Permit, and Insurance Cost

To start a business, you need to register the business and get a license. In some cases, you require to obtain a permit to carry out the business, depending on the nature of the business. Additionally, it is recommended that you insure your business to protect yourself, your business assets, and your employees from potential liabilities. These are costs that should be factored into the startup costs at the start of the business.

Other costs that startups may have to deal with include legal fees, equipment and supplies, and marketing. All these are the real costs of starting a business and you must make adequate allowances for each of them when drawing your business plan. 

How to Reduce Startup Costs

So, now that you have an idea of the possible costs for starting a new business, how can you reduce the cost? In this part, we will look at different ways you can significantly reduce the costs of starting a business.

  • Use Technology to your Business Advantage

You can save a lot of money when you use technology to run your business. Instead of running a full physical office, you can choose remote working for the team and save the huge cost of office rent. Beyond office rent, you also save on other petty costs that add up quickly over time.

With technology, you can also choose teleconferencing instead of a physical meeting. You can also invest in remote desktop applications, online payment services, and more. All these cost a fraction of what you would need if you were to run a traditional business.

  • Go Paperless

Paper, ink, postage, and mailing supplies sometimes seem insignificant but they add up pretty fast to become a huge business cost. By going paperless, you print less and save costs on everything associated with printing.

To cut business costs, it is highly recommended that you choose digitalization. From your bill payment system to digital invoicing, digital signatures, and digital filing system, you can make huge savings on all these. Quickly, let us look at how Signature Generator helps to cut costs.

Signature Generator: Great Way to Cut Startup Costs

One of the things that expend funds in any organization is paper. You have to create documents, contracts, and share them with stakeholders to sign. With digital signatures, you can cut down on this cost significantly.

 Electronic signatures, like Signature Generator, help businesses to sign documents without printing, scanning or dispatching them. To get started, follow these simple steps:

·       Visit the Signature Generator site and upload your document that you want to sign

·      Click on the e-sign tool on the platform and either draw, type, or upload your signature.

·       Drag the signature to space for signature on the document.

·       Save the document and download it. 

It is as simple as that! With this, you can cut out printing costs, dispatching, and the time wasted on filing documents.


The truth is that you do not need to invest much energy and time into cutting costs for your startup business. It only requires that you make smart choices when choosing what to spend on in your new business. 

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