What is a good marketing stack?

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 8th April 2021

The digital age has now seen marketing completely evolve, with there now being over 7,000 different marketing tech tools for businesses to choose from. This is what is better known as a ‘marketing stack’. According to Siteimprove, a MarTech stack is the group of technologies that a marketing team uses to execute their marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively. This means that it is all about creating an efficient internal process for marketing campaigns, in order to improve the overall work for clients. So, what is a good marketing stack?

  • Advertising is one of the key areas for tools and one to be included is Google Ads.  They will help show your ads to potential leads or even current customers who are interested. Advertisers will then bid on different keywords and then if winning, there ads are then placed. 
  • Customer support is another area and Zendesk is a tool not to be missed. This tool can completely change how you run support and helps to build customer relationships, through being more personal, meaningful and productive. It can help deal with a host of different inbound tickets, such as email, web, social, phone and chat.
  • Form creating is another area that tools can really help the process and Typeform is another worth adding to a good marketing stack. Typeform is a very easy user-friendly tool, and it can help with making forms easily, through the likes of forms, surveys, questionnaires and contests in order to gather contacts.
  • Social media is now such an important part of a successful marketing strategy and Sprout Social is a tool that can help the process of social media management. It helps to easily publish to social media, whilst also connecting with users in a collaborative team platform. It can also help to target the type of social media content that users are looking to see from analytics reports.
  • Analytics is of course a very important part of any marketing strategy and Google Analytics is simply a must have tool. It helps make the right decisions with customers in mind and can helps businesses get all the information they may need to result in success through marketing. This will cover the likes of where website visitors are coming from and how they found your business. Also, the different content that is being viewed and how long they have stayed on the different parts of the website.

These are just a small number of the different tools that are being included in many successful MarTech stacks. It is such an important process, and it has been shown that around 87% of marketers do believe that MarTech helps to improve marketing performance at their companies. This is why the process of choosing the correct ones is so important and can then result in great success and a much more efficient marketing process and strategy if they are being used to your advantage.

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