What You Should Know About Being A Brand Ambassador

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing, Marketing on 5th June 2021

Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that has been growing from strength to strength, it can even be said to be one of the most effective strategies in recent times. This involves face to face interaction between a brand ambassador and consumers or a target audience. This strategy has always produced a lasting effect on the audience. That is why it would remain a constant in the world of marketing.  

How The Role Of A Brand Ambassador Has Evolved 

A decade or more years ago, all that these ambassadors needed to do was to hand out flyers or product samples with a smile. These items were used to promote and create awareness about a product. But in these day and age the role has evolved; they now have to interact more with consumers and engage with them. 

One cannot be said to be a brand ambassador if they cannot relate to/with consumers or engage them in meaningful conversations.  They have to be able to have authentic interactions which in turn would foster trust in whatever brand that they represent.  The ability to also work a crowd cannot be overlooked because this would also enable them to connect with people on a ‘personal’ level. This also helps in the building of trust which would ultimately translate to sales for the company. 

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Requirements For Being A brand Ambassador

The job of an ambassador or rep is not one that everyone can do. There are qualities that are required in the ideal candidate for this position. We would discuss them below. 

A Good Understanding Of Marketing

Anyone who would be the face of a brand has to have a good understanding of the principles of marketing. These include the following:

  1. The importance of originality in modern day marketing 
  2. The role of the internet in marketing 
  3. Indepth understanding of digital marketing 
  4. How to use social media to drive traffic and referrals. 

These are just summaries; a great rep knows how to harness the digital and social medial platforms to deliver a high return on investment. 

A Visible Online Presence 

Having established above that the digital space is where most of the action is these days, it is safe to say that this individual must have a strong online presence. That is the only way that the experiential marketing strategy would work. 

While there is no peg to the number of followers one has to have on social media platforms, the right candidate must have an active network. The person may have a blog or mailing list or even conduct webinars. We are well aware that there are many ways to engage online; read this article for more details. 


A great ambassador must be highly professional because h/she is the face of an organization. They should be able to comport themselves according to the ethics of the job. Imagine a brand ambassador for a company that sells fruit juice being charged for drunk driving? It doesn’t speak well of the company at all. 

The rep should be one that the company would be proud of at any point in time. People would definitely identify them with the company so that whenever people see them, they think of the company. The perception of a business by consumers can be tarnished by the attitude or behaviour of whomever they hire to be their ambassador. 

Great Leadership Skill

Leaders are influencers so an ambassador is one who is a natural leader that has the ability to influence people’s buying decisions. People do not take recommendations from those that they do not respect. So anyone seeking to be a brand ambassador has to work towards earning the respect of people. 

They must also cultivate those personality traits that make people want to listen to them.  This means that they have to engage positively and respectfully on all social media platforms. 

Ability To Build And Sustain Relationships 

The role of an ambassador is different from a sales rep. A sales rep just goes out to make sales and may never see the customer again. But an ambassador on the other hand is with the organization for the long haul. To this end, they should be passionate about building lasting relationships on behalf of the company. 

There are people who would never use a different brand of some products. This is because they have an unconscious or even sometimes conscious loyalty to the brand. Something must have fostered that; and this is the major role of a brand ambassador. 

Ability To Get Feedback And Process Accordingly 

A brand rep should be able to get feedback from consumers and relay same to the organization.  When they interact with consumers, they should be shrewd enough to pick up unspoken feedback from the body language of the customer. 

Anyone who is not observant should not consider being a brand ambassador because this is a critical trait for the role. 


The above is not exhaustive of what is required for the role of a brand ambassador. But we believe that with these basic traits, you stand a chance to be a great brand ambassador. So start building your skills if you want to explore this career option.