What’s More Important to Your Website: Backlinks vs Content?

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 25th April 2021

It is one of the most asked questions to digital marketing experts. This is a common question for people starting out as bloggers. If you have reached this article it means only one thing, you are plagued with this question. Should you focus on developing content or backlinks for your blog/website? No worries, by the end of this article you will be able to find out the answer by yourself. 

Content or backlinks- in this race, to make their business visible to their targeted audience, business owners are doing everything in their power. Along with the traditional marketing techniques they are also depending on the power of digital marketing to reach their prospects. 59.5% of the world population is using the internet. Your target audience would also be in this population, right? With the help of SEO agencies, you can leverage their experience and services to improve the visibility of your brand. One such agency that has been helping businesses is Devenup. SEO specialists from Devenup help to solve your problems and answer all your questions. 

If you want to understand which is more important for your website i.e., backlinks or content, first you must understand each of their importance for your website.

Importance of Backlinks to your website

Backlinks are links that are created when one website goes to another. They are highly important in SEO because search engines use them as ranking metrics to determine the trustworthiness of the site. Whenever a site links your website to theirs, it represents that they are providing you with a “vote of confidence”. Backlinks play a crucial role in developing your website.

Dofollow links from reputable sites can improve your search engine rankings. The better your search engine ranking, the higher your content will appear in the search results. Yes, having additional backlinks will truly help your website rank better in SERPs. With Google rolling out new algorithms the whole concept of SEO and backlinks is also constantly changing. If you want to improve your website visibility through backlinks then make sure that your backlinks are from relevant and authoritative sites.

Organic Ranking

This is something that most websites strive for. As mentioned above, backlinks will improve your search engine result page. Backlinks improve your rankings organically. Having an organic ranking will also get more clicks to your website. True! When your ranking improves and you end up on the first page of search results more people will visit your website.

Relation-building & Branding

When some other website links your content to their site, it opens an avenue for you to communicate with them. Building relationships also makes it easier for link building. Making relations with your niche is always a great idea. Every time you get an authentic backlink, you will see new people following you on social media. Everything is interlinked. If you have backlinks, your brand will appear high on search results. It gives you an opportunity to reach more of your potential audience. If you are guest posting on other websites within your niche, you are required to add your bio with social media profiles and your website links. So when the audience from the other website views your bio they will be knowing about your brand too. Simply put, backlinks improve branding.

Importance of content to your website

Content is king! Although this statement is overused in the digital marketing community, it is 100% true. Content can make or break your website. Content is the bridge that connects your targeted audience with your business. Another important aspect of SEO is quality content. Content is also one of the ranking factors to search engines. Content supremacy is achievable with relevancy and quality. Content is purely written with users in mind. If you want to deliver content that the audience can relate to, then research is the answer. 


Content has the power to bring in the audience. It is especially for your users to connect with your brand. Interesting and quality content can truly drive ad-space impressions and shorten the sales funnel. Not only websites, content rules social media platforms too. Creating relatable, quirky content can easily improve your page followers. The content presented in the form of infographics will also have a high impact on the users. With such interesting content, brands can easily influence the purchasing decision of their audience. 

Site Structure

Content plays a crucial role in architecture and site structure. It will help the website build a natural internal linking structure. This is the perfect way to guide visitors to various sources. Not only that, if the content is of high quality, it can also help search engines find the most important pages within the website.


Yes! You read it right. High-quality, relevant content can also drive backlinks. Why do you think other websites within your niche decide to link your website or page to their website? Content. The higher the quality of content the more peers you will attract with your niche and improve the visibility of your website.

Backlinks vs content

Backlinks and content both are two important aspects of SEO. There is no doubt that they are interlinked. If you want to improve the visibility of your site you need both backlinks and quality content by your side. You cannot reach your goal with one of the two. However, if you are confused about which to work first, then it is better to divert your energy into creating quality, interesting content that connects with your audience. Many SEO experts also agree with putting content first. Your quality content will trigger the link attraction and eventually, you will receive authoritative backlinks too. Content is the key ingredient for the success of any marketing campaign. People are drawn to quality content that is relevant to them. So make sure your content always resembles your brand and its essence. Focus on creating quality content- it will definitely take your website places. 

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