Why Choose a White Label Video Streaming Platform?

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 17th June 2021

Although video streaming platforms are very popular, not everyone knows what white-label OTT app is. However, it can be very useful, especially if you want to improve your business. Read on and find out where the name comes from, what it is, how it can benefit you, and what you can gain from it. 

What Does White Label Refer to? 

White label is a term used to define any product or service. They must be produced by one company and then sold by another one. They change the name of their brand, design, and ownership.  

The term originated when white labels were used in unbranded vinyl records, long before the marketing opportunities were established. 

What Is a White Label App?  

A white label app takes advantage of a specific business opportunity. The company doesn’t invest in custom software but creates its platform, and that results in an app with specific purposes. 

For example, communications services are the perfect fit for white-label apps. The platform often needs little to no change, and it can be the solution for many people, like the ones in a specific geographical location or interest. 

Another good example is video streaming Apps and  services. In that case, the white label app seeks to distribute the content, but it doesn’t include logos or links, especially if they could lead back to the page of the provider. Thus, it’s one of the best options for those platforms. 

What Are the Types of White Label Apps?  

There are two main types of white-label apps. The first one duplicates most of the aspects of a generic app, whereas the second one has a multi-tenancy setup. 

With the first type of white label app, the overall architecture of a generic app is kept the same. However, you have to change the respective branding and design. Each app comes from the original, which can allow a great customized experience, but you need to ensure the proper maintenance. 

The second type offers a multi-tenancy setup. It supports different tenants or users. Although the platform is shared, each tenant visualizes an independent app. In that option, the maintenance costs are reduced. 

Advantages of White Label Apps  

Having white-label apps offers a number of advantages. It’s a great business opportunity, especially with the rising demand for online video platforms. You could seize the chance and offer an innovative platform. Look at the following benefits: 

  • Well-defined Business Opportunity with Standardized Processes  

Do you want to create a business? Taking advantage of standardized processes is one of the easiest methods. You have the opportunity to make something new with a base idea, and you can use that to generate revenues. 

Although you might need some time to set up your app, it’s still an incredible business opportunity to develop an effective marketing strategy, improve your branding, and get profits. 

  • Brand Awareness  

Having a white label app brings much awareness to your brand, especially if you’re focusing on a white label streaming service.  

Millions of people want alternatives to stream their favorite shows and creating a white-label OTT might give your brand good attention.  

  • Costs  

If you use a white label app, then you don’t have to spend much on software and coding resources. Instead, you could use those funds to focus on your marketing strategy, ensure good video content, and bring awareness to your brand. 

Compared to other kinds of apps, white-label platforms are much more convenient, especially if you’re on a budget and want to reduce development costs. You don’t have to worry about outsourcing a team, in-house resources, etc., to make the process work. 

Remember that issues happen all the time when developing software. Thus, it’s essential to keep expenses short as much as you can. That way, if anything occurs, you can take care of it. 

  • Fast Set-up  

Most software projects require a lot of time to be completed. The complex ones usually need months or even years to come out. 

Imagine setting up a white label OTT. At first, you might think you’re going to take decades before you finish it. However, it is much more straightforward than other software projects. Thus, you can spend that time on different things, such as expanding your business, developing your marketing strategy, starting your social media accounts, and more.  

  • It’s a Proven Product  

When you rely on a white label app, you are using something that has been proven and tested before. You are not going to provide your customers with a halfway-done platform: you are giving them the best results possible.  

Since you are using a proven product, your chances of failing decrease. That means that you have fewer possibilities of losing money and time. You can succeed and make your business grow.  

What Do You Get with White Label Apps?  

Using a white label OTT lets you achieve all of the following:

  • Create a customizable platform
  • Save in development costs
  • Get revenues from video monetization
  • Exercise your capability to deliver content that everyone loves

Online video platforms are not only very loved, but also very useful for entertaining and educational purposes. Therefore, you could use that to develop your business. 

With a white-label OTT solution, you can have the business you have always wanted. All you need to do is start developing.

Keynote Takeaways 

A white label streaming service is a very convenient opportunity, especially if you want to improve your brand awareness and earn profits. By relying on it, you can reduce costs, develop it quickly, and obtain many benefits. Now that you know the basics, keep researching and incorporate it into your business!

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