Why does ReactJS make sense for Startups?

by Josh Biggs in Software on 2nd October 2020

Hello, my fellow devs and just readers! Nowadays, it is an amazing time of opportunities, especially in the IT-sphere. Everyday people with dreams and a huge passion try to make this world better through the means of business. IT has become one of the spheres that have an enormous impact on human lives and being.

Everyone wants to leave a footprint and make some money during the process, for sure. The best way to do so, in our time, is to launch a startup. So, let’s figure out what is that and why such technology as ReactJS makes sense for a lot of IT startups.

Startup – Short Description

I will not give you a business lecture, for most of us are well aware of what a startup actually is. Just for newbies – a startup is a promising and prospective project that can exist in any branch of business with the intention to bring an instant good to the world and earn money for the future prosperity of it.

Startups are usually financed by investors (venture or angel) or by the costs of its creators, that is why it is so necessary to make everything with high quality and fewer expenses.

ReactJS – What’s that?

To make the story short, ReactJS is a front-end library, based on such languages as JavaScript. Despite that ReactJS has its own syntax JSX which is actually the extension of JavaScript.

React was created by Facebook and for now, ReactJS is one of the three pillars of front-end development. It’s a powerful rival to such frameworks and AngularJS and Vue.js. All in all, it’s a dynamic, modern, fast, and flexible technology that gives you the opportunity to embody your thoughts and visions into reality with minimal headaches.

Now, after such “interesting” info, I’d better and finally, tell why ReactJS makes sense for startups.

To be honest, there are just several simple reasons that make sense of using it. For sure, you can find a bunch of them but I’d like to provide the basic ones.

Reasons that make sense in using reactJS for startups


If you’ve got a developer or want to hire one but he or she has a little idea of ReactJS, that’s not a problem at all. Why? Because ReactJS has a fast and simple learning curve and everybody who is well acquainted with JavaScript can master ReactJS in a couple of days. You can also consider preparing a set of React interview questions for candidates so you can get a clear picture of their coding skills and ensure that the best person for the job is hired.

For a startup time plays a huge role and ReactJS gives that time and that makes this library just a perfect solution for every project.


There are a ton of developers who know how to deal with ReactJS and that plays a good service for you. The huge amount of labor power creates concurrence between employees and due to that fact you become able to find a good developer for a modest price. We will all agree that money is water for any startup and we need to use it wisely. Fewer expenses – more opportunities and freedom what it means personally to me.


Oh, this is one of the main reasons why all developers are so fond of ReactJS. This technology has strong and powerful support and the community that grows and develops itself every single day. Here you can find a piece of advice, help, or even a ready-made code (but let’s speak frankly, most of us copy-paste from Stackoverflow). You can reuse codes from different sources, get and share solutions. It boosts the work and gives the necessary fresh air to a startup.

So as you can see ReactJS is good for a lot of important factors such as money, time, and working process as well.

Not convinced that it makes sense for your startup? Not yet? Fine. Then here is the list of ReactJS’s advantages that may come in handy for you:

  • Virtual DOM instead of real DOM;
  • React JS is a library that easily integrates with other JavaScript frameworks;
  • Speed and scalability;
  • JSX ensures code that is easy to read and write and a lot more.

So, guys, that’s it. I hope that now you have really found some sense in using ReactJS Development for your startup because believe me with that technology, you have got the minimal chances to screw up.

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