Why Employees Leave: Overt Reasons for Layoffs

by Josh Biggs in Business on 11th June 2019

If you are reading this article, you’ve faced with a problem of employees’ turnovers. We know it’s a pain for you! You put so much effort to find the right people for your business! And losing them is frustrating and, to speak the truth, expensive.

Now you need to recruit new people to your company. To ease the task of finding the best employees, there is a reliable job site jobsora for you, where you can see lots of resumes. There are a lot of nice candidates to choose from.

However, you should explore the problem of employees’ layoffs. So, you will be able to prevent them in the future.

Have you thought about the reasons for leaving? Yes, there are lots of them. But if you think that the reasons are always personal, you’re making a mistake!

We’ve prepared a list of the most frequent motives of layoffs. Study them, conclude, and implement your knowledge into the work. We hope things will go right for you and your company.

Undervaluation of employees

One of the human’s basic instincts is being accepted and appreciated. Every employer must remember it. Undervaluation means:

  • an employee doesn’t receive feedback on his work, especially if he/she performs important and difficult tasks
  • ignoring complaints and suggestions
  • employer often breaks promises

If such a situation keeps going for a long time, be sure that the employee will give the job up.

Of course, some people just love discontent. They’re rather ordinary but always feel underestimated. But you as a wise employer must separate the sheep from the goats.

Need for career growth

If an employee performs really well and has ambitions, he/she will desire a higher position and salary rise. If you can’t suggest it, there is a possibility of layoff sooner or later. However, you can try to prevent it. Offer another shift, better working conditions or other benefits.

Interpersonal conflicts

People spend a lot of time at work. So, an atmosphere at the workplace must be peaceful and professional. Coworkers must respect each other and keep pleasant relationships. Unluckily, conflicts happen. And if they are not resolved and thriving, some employees will quit the job. Again, you as a leader must take care of a working environment. And if you noticed tense among colleagues, help them to solve their problems.

Dissatisfaction with salary and benefits

It is another crucial point. Make sure your employees are satisfied with their salary. Especially those, who are doing for the company growth more than needed. If they feel underpaid, you’ll probably lose them! If people do a good job, they must be paid generously. It’s fair!

Benefits are also very important! Especially if the salary is not too high. Employees must feel social secured. Add to standard employment benefits several generous options. It may be anything from free lunches to end-year bonuses.

Too restrictive management

Supposedly, managers are people with perfect communicative and interpersonal skills. They have to distribute work among employees and let them do it. It’s about trust, respectfulness and good organizational skills. However, some managers are controlling every step of employees. It doesn’t work with qualified, well-organized professionals. Excessive control makes them anxious or irritated. And they are about to leave. Provide wise management!

Overloaded with work

An employee performs perfectly, he/she manage all the tasks. And you delegate him/her more and more work. Don’t do that! Once, a person feels overstressed and overloaded, a possibility of the layoff appears. However, if overworking is unavoidable, grant him/her with extra days off, long vacation. It can be anything, just let the employee feel appreciated.

Personal reasons

A desire to change career, change in goals and priorities, move to another place, relationships. There might be lots of personal reasons which you can’t influence. And this is the only point you aren’t able to do anything about.

You see, there are a lot of reasons why employees can leave. The best decision for you as for leader is preventing layoffs. You must be open and reachable to your employees. Give them your attention, appreciate them, try to do all your best! And they will work for your company. Nobody wants to leave a comfortable environment!

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