Why is it important to have CRM Software for your marketing agency?

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 27th May 2019

3 out of 4 customers are believed to invest in a company where there is encouraging customer experience, thanks to CRMs.

It is believed that CRM helps in customer retention which can be up to 27%.

Still not sure what is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is an approach that takes care of an organization’s relationship both with its customers or potential customers. A CRM system is responsible for everything in a company that helps to improve its business relationships.

When the relationship with the customers improves, the profitability of the company is also positively influenced and the same holds true for the CRM for marketing agency.

CRM tools also help marketing agencies to streamline processes; they use them for sales management, contact management, and increasing productivity.

With CRM tool by their side, there is a lot that the marketing agencies can do right from collection of data at one place, accurate forecast, creating a unified sales process, improve that process and identify their profitable clients.

Benefits of having CRM software for a marketing agency

Here are just a few benefits of CRM for marketing agency:

  1. It helps to identify the prospective customers

When an agency uses CRM software and synchronizes it with the data available on its website, the intuitive software helps in identifying the prospective customers for the agency; the people who are likely to buy their products/services. All this is possible since CRM aids in showing the historical data as well. The sales team from the company can then utilize the right proposal process to convert the prospect into customers.

  1. It helps in Identifying customers that are loyal to the agency

CRM for marketing agency helps to present the entire data of an agency in the form of a journey of a client or his history in the form of a timeline. This helps the company to identify the customers that have been the longest with them, been most loyal and have had a long-lasting relationship with the company. Special efforts can be made in maintaining stronger customer relationships with them than with those who have had very short engagements with the agency.

  1. It helps in increasing sales productivity

CRM for marketing agency helps its sales team to increase the sales productivity by making use of a large amount of data that is available to them in the form of email logs, logs of phone conversations, records of their online and offline interactions with the leads and insights about the company or the individual. All of this data helps the sales team of a company to make new clients that are profitable and thus, increase sales productivity.

  1. It makes way for enhanced communication with the customers

CRM for marketing agency, especially the one that is cloud-based enables enhanced communication of the agency with its customers since it is accessible from any device that has an internet connection. This means the communication is not just limited to office premises. The customers do not have to rely on a single point of contact since their complete information is available on the software and all employees from the agency can deal with their concerns. The customers are also happy since their unique preferences and issues are well known to the company and taken care of well.

  1. It puts forward a better analysis of data and improved reporting

Misjudged data and its improper analysis should be the last thing responsible for a company’s failure. The advanced CRM solutions provide an impeccable analysis of data since all the different kind of information is stored in one place. It does not just end here; the marketing agencies can also generate automatic reports since the software is integrated with different tools and plugins for the same purpose. It becomes very easy to make use of untapped opportunities with the wide variety of data available such as information of the customer, performance reports and sales goals.

  1. There is a definite improvement in Customer service

Top class customer service should be the number one priority for any business and with CRM software it is like a cakewalk. The moment a customer contacts the company regarding an issue, the representatives are armed with all their information such as the past purchases of the customer, their personal preferences and other details from the purchase history that aids in giving them a solution almost instantly. All of this saves the customer’s time and the time of the company as well. The accessible database is the key to improved customer service here.

There are several CRM tools available in the market but it is important to choose CRM for marketing agency that adapts well to the processes of the company, is easy to learn, can be customized and helps the company to focus on better results than on learning the tool itself.


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