by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 15th March 2019

This is a question which many may be tempted to ask themselves if they happen to see any one of the numerous websites advertising these services throughout the Internet. In a short amount of time a significant number of websites offering the possibility to pay for Instagram features such as likes, followers and comments have sprung up out of nowhere. A lot of them do what they say – you get more Instagram likes, comments and followers in exchange for a certain amount of money. However, there are plenty who are left to wonder where the demand for these websites came from and why their services might be useful or of interest to them. If you are one of these people, this article could be of interest to you as we look to explain why these services exist and how they came to be while also looking at how they can benefit you if you are looking to gain more exposure on Instagram. If you are not one of these people but you are unfamiliar with the concepts mentioned so far, it may also be worth your while taking the time to read this piece.

Why do people want to pay for Instagram features?

Simply because Instagram is the place to be at this moment in time. It has grown into a focal point for all kinds of different areas of society and a large amount of people of all ages have signed up to the social network to get involved. While the majority of Instagram users are under the age of 35, just under a third of them are older than that. When Instagram can boast over one billion active users, then just under a third works out at around three hundred million users. That is a significant number of users from an age group that is not normally associated with social networks. Instagram users come from all over the world, something that opens the door to countless more opportunities. This is made possible by Instagram’s focus on photos, something which makes it easier to communicate with people in other parts of the world as the language barrier is overcome by everyone’s understanding of images and their power. For businesses, Instagram users display unique interaction patterns that indicate they are using the platform to engage with businesses unlike users of other social media. Two hundred million Instagram users have a look at business profiles on a daily basis while 80% of all users follow at least brand and 60% of all users use Instagram to look for products to buy. This is why people are interested in using Instagram and why they will pay for more of the social network’s features.

Why the need to do so?

With the possibility of being able to share your message with more than a billion people spread all across the globe, many people are tempted to have a go at doing just that. However, everyone has to start from scratch on Instagram. Everyone on Instagram can conceivably see your profile and its content if you have it set to public. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case. Users whose profiles have low rates of interaction and engagement with other users (such as new accounts) are not promoted as much by Instagram. They appear further down the list when you are looking at search results. This then makes it harder for people to find your account, something which can be particularly harmful at the beginning of your Instagram career. The only way to build your profile and become more visible is by getting more interaction from other Instagram users. Interaction means getting likes for your content, views for your posts, relevant comments on your uploads and increasing the number of followers you have. The combination of these features will help your profile become more popular and, in turn, gain more exposure.

This is where paying for Instagram features comes in

The desire to become more visible on Instagram leads to people looking for ways to get more interaction. This can be done through the traditional channels of making use of hashtags and locations to draw more attention to the account in question. However, increasingly, people are happy to hand over money to websites such in order to get access to more of these features. These websites offer you deals on the number of likes, comments and followers you can be provided with. Once the money has gone through, you can then decide when and how to add more likes or relevant comments to your content or to have more followers for your account. It’s up to you to put these real Instagram users to work and have them help you increase the popularity and visibility of your profile as the first step on the way to more Instagram exposure.

Hopefully this will have given you an idea of why people are willing to set money aside for Instagram features while they look to make a bigger name for themselves on the social network. Given its popularity and the benefits that are plain to see, its no wonder that people have resorted to get more user engagement however they can. If you are looking to do the same, you now know how it works and you have plenty of reason to give it more consideration if you think it will help you reach your goals.

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