Why TVS diodes are essential components for engineers role in protection

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 1st August 2020

Why Are TVS Diodes Important?

TVS diodes are essential components for engineers and play a crucial role in ensuring the protection of electronic applications and appliances, as well as the safety of the people who use them. Also known as Transient Voltage Suppression diodes, these components are circuit protection devices designed specifically to help prevent spikes in voltage, therefore avoiding any damage taking place to the electric circuit of any electronic product or appliance. 

How does a TVS diode work? 

TVS diodes work by detecting potential voltage spikes and quickly interrupting them. This interruption involves diverting the overvoltage transients away from the core components of the electronic appliance. Considering how important the role of a TVS diode is, it is easy to understand why it is so vital for the engineer to select the right one for each separate application. 

How to select a TVS diode

There are various factors that an engineer must take into consideration when choosing a TVS diode for his or her electronic creation. For example, it is important to investigate how severe the threat of transient overvoltage may be, and how powerful the potential spikes in voltage may be. Engineers will also need to consider the operating requirements of the transient suppressor component in question. 

Why TVS diodes? 

There are several reasons why an engineer might choose to incorporate TVS diodes into his or her appliance design. The primary advantage of this particular electric component is the fact that it promises low clamping voltage and superior response times. TVS diodes are also especially versatile in that they can be unidirectional or bidirectional based on each application’s requirements. Unidirectional TVS diodes are commonly utilized to maximize protection for applications such as charger ports and power supply lines, while bidirectional TVS diodes are usually the go-to choice for ensuring adequate protection for audio interfaces. Generally, all TVS diodes are best suited to moderate frequency applications. 

There are two main alternatives to TVS diodes, namely Zener diodes and standard diodes, both of which can often be obtained at a significantly lower price. However, most engineers agree that these solutions are not quite as robust or reliable as their TVS counterparts. This is because Zener and standard diodes are actually more specifically designed for voltage regulation. 

Finding the right supplier 

It is essential to find a supplier specializing in electronic components and industrial products that you can count on for both competitive pricing and consistent quality. With so many suppliers out there, how can you be sure that you are making the right selection? The best approach is to make use of a search engine specifically dedicated to helping you source the parts you need. These search engines make it quick and easy to compare costs, and distributors when it comes to leading TVS diode models and manufacturers. Octopart is an excellent example of one of these search engines. 

Now that you know all about why TVS diodes are important and how to choose the right ones, you’re fully equipped to make a sound, satisfactory purchase decision. 

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