Why You Should Incorporate Animation Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

by Josh Biggs in Marketing on 28th August 2020

An animation video is an effective and engaging tool that can be used by brands to tell their story to an audience. Some research reveals that a whopping 90% of information that is transmitted to the brain is visual and at least 65% of people are classified as visual learners.

With so many studies highlighting the importance of animation videos, there’s an inevitable shift toward creating visual content and sharing them on social media. In the United States alone, the average number of videos posted increased by as much as 94% per person. 

The following statistics can help convince you why animation videos can be a great addition to your marketing campaign:

  • The average video streams on Facebook is at 8 billion per day
  • The total number of people that use YouTube is a whopping 1.3 billion
  • At least a third of online activity is spend watching video
  • Six out of ten people prefer online videos over live TV
  • Adding video on a landing page can increase conversion rate by up to 90%
  • At least 87% of digital marketers are now using video content

Animation Videos: Why it’s a Great Addition to Your Marketing Strategy

They are easy to make

Compared to live action videos, animated videos are considered easier to make. When you create live action videos, you need to hire actors, rent equipment, look for a good location, and hire an editing team. 

When you create an animation video, all you need is to hire a seasoned and competent video production company who can bring your vision to life. You will not only be able to cut your expenses in half, you will also be able to deliver your message effectively.

The rest of your marketing budget can be used to fund other marketing efforts that can strengthen your online presence. You are also spared from all the hassles of coordinating with different teams and managing everyone’s schedule. 

They will not limit your creativity

Animation videos can give you the flexibility to be in different locations, have different storylines, and have different actors. You can bring any concept to life, whether it’s robots, flying objects, or monsters and ghosts. 

You can also skip the editing phase and dramatically cut down on labor cost. You will also save yourself from the trouble of coordinating with different teams and managing everyone’s schedule. While a video production team is still needed, the cost is undeniably lesser than live video.

They can help explain your concept well

Regardless of how out of this world your video concept may be, you can effortlessly turn it to reality through animation videos. Videos have a vast array of resources, making it an effective and engaging way to explain new concepts or ideas.

Animation videos can be especially helpful for brands with complicated products or services. Through animation videos, you can easily explain to your prospective customers how your product works, how they can avail of your business, and how your product works.

They can help reinforce brand awareness

If the primary goal is to establish brand awareness and to build trust, animation videos can be the consummate choice. They can be used to portray brand personas since animation can easily incorporate marketing concepts. 

It is also possible to have a voiceover actor that suits your audience type effectively in order to make them more relatable. With an animation video that’s of top notch quality, you can also easily build trust and give people the impression your business is a trustworthy one.

They can help boost conversion rate

Animation videos are not only effective if you want to entertain your target audience. They can also help encourage your target audience to make actual purchases, subscribe to newsletters, and maximise profits. 

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