WordPress Unleashed: The Ultimate Website Development Platform

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 21st September 2020

If you are considering getting a new website built, either through a web design agency, or you are going to make it yourself, you really should consider using the WordPress platform. It is one of the most popular CMS (content management system) in the world, and is the driving force behind more than a third of all websites on the internet today.

WordPress is an extremely flexible platform and one that is ideal for all levels of user. Whether you are building your first website, or are a seasoned professional, WordPress is one of the best solutions for all of your website needs.

What’s so great about WordPress?

The WordPress platform is quite simply the best CMS available today. It is a very easy to use system and one that doesn’t require that you have any previous technical abilities or design skills. 

There are thousands of different themes, or templates as they are also known, available for WordPress, and you can easily find one to match the type of website that you are planning on creating. 

There are also a huge selection of best wordpress plugins that you can add to your website which add different functionality such as sliders, video galleries, contact forms, online payments and much more.

Is hosting a WordPress site more expensive than other types of site?

There wouldn’t be any difference in the type of web hosting you would need for a WordPress website in comparison to a static HTML website. Most web hosts will offer you a range of different hosting, starting from the shared hosting option, going up to a VPS (virtual private server) and a dedicated server.

Most people who are starting with websites and hosting will go for the shared hosting option, as it is the easiest to use, the most affordable, and requires no technical experience or knowledge.

If you are interested in checking out some detailed comparisons of different web hosts in countries around the world such as Australia, Canada and India, then you need to spend a little time over at the Fortune Lords site, which is packed full of great reviews and recommendations.

What type of sites can you build with WordPress?

The better question to ask would be “what type of sites can’t you build with WordPress?”. It can be used for literally every type of website you can imagine. There is no really no limit to what you can do with WordPress, and it’s ease of use and power make it the best option for all types of developers.

You can build a small website for your local business, landing pages and even fully blown e-commerce websites where you could sell hundreds if not thousands of different products.

As previously mentioned, there are loads of excellent plugins that you can download and install on your website, which can turn it from a basic ordinary site into one where you can sell products, run online courses, and take online bookings for everything from hotels and restaurants, to appointments for pedicures or doctors.

Is WordPress really free?

Yes, it is a free CMS that you can download and install on your web server. Most hosts will offer easy set up and installation of WordPress on their hosting accounts as it is the most popular CMS in use today.

If you are signed up for a shared hosting account with a web host, there is a good chance that they will be running the Softaculous app installer, which allows you to set up a brand new WordPress installation with just a couple clicks of the mouse. You don’t need to download anything – the software takes care of everything for you.

If you want to use a hosted solution offered by WordPress, then you need to go over and sign up for an account at WordPress.com, which offers a range of paid options, as well as a free hosted option. This is a good solution for people who want to avoid the hassle of having their own hosting accounts, but with this option, you will be much more restricted in the type of themes and plugins that you are going to be able to install.

If you’ve purchased a premium WordPress theme or plugin, then you’ll need to be running WordPress on your own hosting in order to work with this. At the end of the day, the choice is yours, but with your own hosted website, you have much more control over what you can and cannot do with your website.

Where can I learn how to use WordPress?

WordPress is so simple to use, that you won’t really need much in depth training or help. There are a number of premium themes that use their own page builders, which are usually drop and drag based, and with these you can create your own unique pay setups in just a few minutes.

If you are interested in learning more about all the options and potential of using WordPress then there are a number of online courses you could sign up for at places such as Udemy. You’ll also find a lot of helpful and informative videos over at YouTube that will take you through the various options in WordPress.

There are also lots of WordPress related groups on Facebook and online, where you can chat with other members and ask for help or give your own advice to others. They are a great place to learn more about the various types of website you can make with WordPress, as well as finding answers to common problems that a lot of users may face.

Some final words

WordPress should be the first CMS that you consider using when building your website. It is a platform that can be used on any type of web hosting and you’ll be able to find lots of forms of support if you need any help.

There are lots of other platforms, with Drupal and Joomla being two of the more famous, but in terms of power, performance and potential, nothing can top what WordPress brings to the web development table.

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