Working From Home May Pay Better Than You Think – 6 Ways You Can Earn More Outside the Office

by Josh Biggs in Business on 11th October 2019

Millions of Americans work from home full-time. Are you thinking about joining their ranks?

With the advent of flexible workplace policies and high-speed Internet, it has never been easier to work full-time from home. As many cities’ road and public transit systems grow older and more congested, the time- and money-saving benefits of working from home have never been clearer. There’s no time like the present to make the leap.

If you need any more convincing, consider these six ways to earn more money — for real — by working at home.

  1. You Don’t Waste Time on the Commute

The typical office worker spends something like 25 minutes commuting each way, each day. That’s nearly an hour lost in the car, on the bus, or in the train — where maybe you can take care of menial work-related tasks, like managing your email and checking in with your team. 

Wouldn’t you prefer to swap your commute for quality work time? For at-home workers, the answer is clear: trading the 15-mile (or longer) commute for the 15-foot commute.

  1. You’re Free to Pursue Flexible Earning Opportunities

Working at home greatly increases the range of income-earning opportunities available to you. When you work on your own time, you can work on your own terms. 

That means you can pursue the passion project you’ve always dreamed of, in the hopes of turning it into a full-time career. Or, you can pursue an opportunity that allows you to give back to the community organizations you care about. Data provided by ABC Fundraising indicates that fundraising distributors can earn anywhere from $500 to $5,000 or more while working full-time from home to sell high-profit fundraising products to school groups, charities, and others.

  1. You Can Make Your Own Hours

This is a big perk of at-home work. With no boss or human resources manager dictating the terms of your contract, you’re free to work when you can, as much as you can. That may translate to higher earnings.

  1. You Can Create a Distraction-Free Zone

Offices are noisy, distraction-prone places. Your home office, by contrast, is an oasis of calm, quiet, and productivity. That is, if you allow it to be. Follow these tips to eliminate distractions while working at home.

  1. You Interact With Colleagues and Clients on Your Own Terms

If you’re part of a larger remote team, working at home empowers you to interact with your colleagues on your own terms. Sure, you might have a weekly standing meeting, but that’s a manageable commitment that’s easy to build into your schedule. What you won’t have to worry about is teammates barging into your office unannounced.

  1. The Tax Code May Work in Your Favor

At-home workers may enjoy substantial tax benefits. As is usually the case with the federal tax code, the home office deduction is complicated, so read IRS guidance and consult a tax professional for advice relevant to your situation.

Earn More, Compromise Less

It should be clear by now that making the switch to full-time at-home work could actually increase your earning power while adding flexibility and choice to your professional and personal life. It’s a multi-win situation for those willing to make the leap. The only question let to answer is: When can you start?

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