10 of the best recurring billing solutions available right now

by Josh Biggs in Finance on 6th November 2020

You may not see the milkman dropping off milk around your local area anymore, but recurring billing software is still very much as alive as it was decades ago. We know this from our experience, and we want to share our experiences with you to help you choose a solution that fits your business.

1. Chargebee

Many customers prefer something easy to use these days, and that’s especially true when it involves the use of a billing software. This cloud-based platform is very in-depth and packed full of features that would normally be a coding mess, but it’s very elegant looking with a robust feel. The sales team will be delighted with the intuitive design, and customer subscription billing can be handled easily.

2. Wave

Our next solution is available as a free product, so there are no hidden fees or charges to consider. For small businesses and startups or someone who wants to take it for a test drive, Wave is a great one to go for. The dashboard is clean and easy to navigate with only a few mouse clicks required for everything. Estimates, invoices, and receipts are created with a breeze.

3. Braintree

If your business requires an API combined with sensible pricing, then Braintree is an excellent option. The solution can pull store credit card information from a merchant system from a designated server, and should there be a need for a refund there are no worries about having to input heaps of information.

4. Vindicia

As far as recurring billing software goes, Vindicia, backed as an Amdocs company, has everything a B2C business could need. Like our other providers on this list, Vindicia works on a SaaS model that takes care of everything from a subscription management perspective to help businesses looking to scale. You can expect an effortless setup experience that allows you to focus on your business’s essential aspects without the need to worry about mundane billing tasks.

5. ChargeOver

If you require a recurring subscription billing solution that is affordable and packed with features, then Chargeover is a big contender. Along with storing payment data, ChargeOver ensures there’s no PCI compliance to worry about. Simply connect your site or apps to the platform, and it will capture all of the necessary data in no time.

6. PaySimple

Over 17,000 businesses worldwide are enjoying the benefits of PaySimple, and it’s no surprise as they help businesses to accept payments from customers, market their services, and to use an end-to-end solution to retain customers. The platform takes care of customer management, online sales, appointments, and payments.

7. FuseBill

Subscription billing management is made easy thanks to Fusebill, which monitors financial processes, manual accounting and automates workflows. Companies gain the flexibility to scale while identifying any lost revenue. Regardless of how complex your recurring billing requirements are, whether it’s a one-time purchase, usage-based pricing, or pre-rotation, Fusebill is behind you.

8. Zoho Subscriptions

This next one is a cloud-based subscription billing platform that was initially built to handle various aspects of a subscription-based business. The app identifies any downfalls in payments and would chase the due payments on your behalf from customers utilizing a dunning management feature.

9. Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot stands out above the rest because it is a membership platform that clubs, associations, and non-profits would normally use. Wild Apricot can easily automate any administrative action you’d need to make a business run smoothly.

10. Pabbly Subscriptions

Last but not least is a platform that helps you sell online products, manage fixed payments, one-time purchases, and recurring transactions at very reasonable fees. It is full of features as a recurring billing solution and adds subscription management where customers, subscriptions, transactions, billing, and more are handled within one package.

We hope you have found our recurring billing guide useful, leave us a comment below if you have any queries.

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