10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO in 2020

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 28th May 2020

If you take your business online, then you will have to optimize it. Not yet brought your business to the web? Then it’s high time to make the move. It is as simple as that. If generating leads and boosting sales are your prime goals like every other business, then nothing works better than creating a website for your business no matter what the scale of your business is. The other most important task is to perform SEO (search engine optimization) for your business which all your competitors are already doing. Any business whether it delivers its services online or offline, badly needs to get in touch with a recognized SEO Agency; especially in this digital age.

Research says over 50% of people search for products or businesses online before they approach them either physically or online. So, to make your business or website visible to the audience who are searching for it, you need to do SEO for your website. 

Wondering what exactly SEO is and why it is important for your business? Then keep reading to explore the amazing advantages you are going to have from your SEO-friendly online business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice for growing the quality and quantity of the website traffic by improving the visibility of a webpage or the website to the relevant audience. Meaning, you get the visitors who are highly interested in buying your products.

Nearly 1.2 trillion searches are made per day by people across the world. Even if 1% of searches are related to your business niche, imagine the chances you have to grow your business and meet new audiences. 

Though generating leads is the prior advantage of SEO, there are many other reasons why your business needs SEO, whether that’s one of the Whitehat Search Engine Optimisation SEO Services Packages or a simple few tweaks to your content to get it SEO ready. Let’s study them…

Top 10 Reasons for Why your Business Needs SEO in 2020

The World became Digital

Over 3.5 billion people around the world are using smartphones and at least about half of them are searching for electronics, fashion, restaurants, desired nearby services online before they check-in into either online or physical stores. So, it is highly important for your business to expand its visibility to the people who are actually searching for it. Else you will miss the potential customers. The user’s search queries are your keywords, so it is not really difficult for you to reach them when you properly optimize your website focusing on your users and according to search engine guidelines. Overall, what you gain is high-quality leads to your business.

It is Cost-Friendly

When compared to other marketing strategies such as cold-calling, email campaigns, social media promotions and paid ads, SEO is inexpensive yet effective. You can optimize your website on your own if you have sound knowledge or rely on renowned SEO companies and relax seeing the boost in your website ranking and traffic just in a short time. When you can afford to try and learn from your failures, you can happily try doing SEO to your website on your own. But you need some patience as it may take longer for results to show. If you are extremely serious about your website and need constant and standard results, SEO agencies always act as helping hands. Though they don’t do it for free, the costs are worth it.

As it is important for your website and web pages to take positions in the top results i.e., mostly on the first page or second, to witness notable traffic. You need SEO experts and great content on your site. 

Your Visitors Convert Well

If your website is properly optimized for search engines and users as well, you can be sure that more than 60% of your visitors are genuinely interested. And the time and money you invested in SEO are not wasted. Moreover, people are coming to your site which is called inbound traffic in SEO terms and you are not forcing any visitors to enter your site. So, they are happy customers who came on their own to make some purchases. Your only job is to deliver good services and products to motivate them to visit again. Hence the bounce rate of your site will be zero which is a positive factor in the search engine’s ranking. 

To Boost ROI

As you choose a cost-effective option which is Search Engine Optimization, yet you get the visitors who convert really well. Your conversion rate is highly greater than the budget you have spent. Hence you can see an increase in the Return on Investment. It is because with proper SEO you are attracting the relevant audience and generating quality leads. 

The More you are Visible, the More you Grow

The most common mistake still some of the businesses do is taking their business online just for the sake of creating their online presence. They don’t realize the merit of being visible to larger crowds. Though you are doing really well with your offline business, you will always have a greater number of customers online searching for you. You need to increase your visibility to the people who might be interested in your business. Simply put, the more you are visible, the more you grow. Moreover, if people see you more often for the search term they always use, you might become their go-to destination.

Because Search Engines Love SEO-Friendly Websites

Websites ranking among the top 3 results on the first page of search results, likely gain the huge organic traffic, with the other benefits followed. But winning the top position is not that simple. Your website needs to be optimized properly based on the user’s intent with powerful links, high-quality content and secured with Https to protect the user’s data. Apart from these, your site needs to be optimized for both desktop and mobile to create a great experience for your visitors. The more you work for your users, the more Google will love you and give you top rankings. Therefore you will receive abundant free traffic, quality leads and high conversions.

To Increase User Experience

You need to deliver the best user experience for your visitors to convert them as your valued customers. Here, the user experience means an easy user interface, high page speed, protected customer data, and relevant content. Your customers will love your site if you provide them with all these features. Hence your conversion rate increases.

Your Business Needs Brand Awareness

When people get to see your business more often, they remember you. This is how you create brand awareness. As there is huge competition in every niche, unless you have a brand identity you are the same as those unpopular and failed businesses. Moreover, your competitors are already performing SEO for their websites and gaining all the traffic of your share too. This is why your business needs SEO to build visibility and identity.

If your website is properly optimized, your visibility increases hence your brand awareness. Thus you will have a huge list of customers who directly visit your website when they are in need. 

Local SEO Strategy is Incredible

About 50% of people who search for nearby services on search engines visit the stores within 24 hours. Those stores are lucky enough as they have optimized their businesses well with local SEO strategy. Many local businesses are enjoying the fruits of this strategy. All you have to do is enter your business in Google My Business with all essential information and tell who you are. You will appear in the search results for people who are looking for the same type of services you provide. They will check the location and reviews of your store and visit your business. Hence, you will receive double traffic to your store.

SEO is Never Going to Vanish

It is said that for 25 years people are using SEO to improve their website performance. And hopefully, SEO is going to exist till websites exist. Though there are drastic changes in the rules of SEO, they are just new evolutions to improve the user experience according to Google. So, SEO is going to do only good to your websites. But if you are still not taking any step to optimize your website, then you are going to lose a lot, both brand awareness and sales.

Bottom Line

SEO became a must for every business to improve and foster its online presence. In order to survive and stand out among the huge competition, your business needs SEO. It is the best way to improve the ROI of your business. Moreover, to reach the top positions in the organic search results, it is the only way to stay in the business for a longer period of time. So, why wait? If you have not yet started doing SEO for your business, it’s high time to hire an SEO expert or contact the best SEO agency.

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