5 Ways for Contractors to Grow Their Business

by Josh Biggs in Business on 19th January 2021

While your construction company may be looking for a more localized reach than other types of businesses that compete in the broader global marketplace, you can still use some of the same marketing tools. You can grow your business in many different ways, and this guide can get you started with a few time-tested tips.

Join a Contractor’s Association

Becoming part of an established contractor’s association can help you grow your contracting business by connecting you with other types of professionals within your trade. This can result in leads that you might not otherwise gain as the people with whom you network recommend your business to their clients. Additionally, the association will offer low cost to no cost marketing services to its members, allowing you to further stretch your marketing budget.

Reduce Customer Churn

Most contractors don’t think to reconnect with past customers after they have completed a job for them. After all, working with current customers is time-consuming enough. When you reach out to former customers, you can inquire about their future construction needs. You can also ask about their satisfaction with the previous work you performed. This will help you build a better public image for your business while also helping you keep your past customers happy.

Use Lead Generation Services

If you’re familiar with Google Ads and similar paid advertising services, you know that they have become popular because they provide a way for businesses to target specific demographics. Lead generation services take that concept a step further by helping companies connect with specific consumers in need of their services. For example, consider Networx leads generation to help you find homeowners in need of construction contractors. The service will help you connect with homeowners in your geographical area, so you can gain more leads and cultivate them into paying customers.

Maintain a Social Media Presence

You should already have a website with a blog to ensure your site visitors have something new and engaging to look at with each visit. The trick is to drive traffic to your site by increasing visibility. Indeed, one method for doing this is to use relevant keywords and quality links to ensure your blog posts are appearing at the top of search results. Your business social media posts should also link back to your blog posts, so your followers will be driven to your site. Each social media post should end with a call to action, such as asking your followers to share or comment on your posts. Consistently posting to social media will help you maximize your business’ visibility by driving more traffic to your website.

Make Use of Print Media

While digital marketing is taking the advertising industry by storm, the importance of print media should not be discounted. Especially if you operate a construction contracting business, you’ll rely on generating leads within your geographical area, and that’s where print media comes in. You can print up posters, flyers, and brochures to pass out at events, post on community bulletin boards, or send out to area homeowners through the mail. Besides listing your services and including a small blurb about your experience, each type of print media should contain your business name, phone number, business address, and website address.

There are many more marketing tools you can adapt to help you grow your construction business. In addition to the tips listed here, don’t be afraid to use your sense of creativity in coming up with new marketing campaigns. You won’t know how well your marketing ideas will work until you try them out.

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