Russia blocking VPN services, Tor, and anonymizers. What to do?

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 22nd August 2020

Russia has always been one of the leading leaders in the field of technology. The government is spending billions of dollars on IT infrastructure. As the criminals are getting more active in the internet Russia is slowly blocking VPN services, Tor AN anonymizers by passing laws. The laws are created to offer a transparent policy to the users so that they can enjoy freedom without being anonymous. It has also created a massive problem among hackers since they can’t hack into the system without leaving the digital footprint. As you learn more about Russian policy, you will notice a big number of normal people are also getting affected by such a decision. But today we will give you some useful tips that can help you to mitigate such drastic actions to a certain extent.

Learn about blocked websites

The first thing that you should know is to explore the internet. Most of the people in Russia are using the VPN service to get access to blocked websites. You need to find an alternative for such blocked websites and you will do perfectly fine. As you learn more about the blocked websites, you will slowly learn to find the alternatives. Russia is also developing alternative sites for popular websites that are blocked by website owners. If things go in such fashion, we can expect to have an alternative for most of the sites in the next 2-3 years. So, if you get stuck to the website just because you don’t have any access to premium websites, you can know a lot about the website’s protocol. As you learn more about the website protocol, you will slowly become good at analyzing the essential metrics and it will help you to get access to the information from a different source.

Start using premium VPN

Though Russia has imposed restrictions on the use of VPN, still you can try the premium VPN that specially designed for the Russians. Use a VPN for all your devices so that you don’t get tracked by the government. Many VPNs can be used in the undetectable form but you must learn about it. The more you learn about the VPN service the better you will become in using it. As you gain more experience in using the VPN, you will slowly become good at analyzing the sites with the help of a VPN. But you might face significantly slowdown in the internet speed and this is very common. As you learn more about the VPN service you will know how to fix this issue.

Use the proxy server

You can still access the TOR browser with the help of a proxy server. But the use of a proxy server requires special skills. Unless you are good at analyzing the critical information in the most balanced way, you won’t be able to use the proxy server. However, you can start using the proxy server premium service by spending a small amount of money. As you learn more about the proxy server, you will be able to get access to the blocked site in a fast manner. Just because you have a blockage in accessing information doesn’t mean you will never get access to the blocked contents. You can always take smart steps to get hold of the important information and this will help you to become a root internet user. Learn more about the internet, proxy server, and VPN and this will never be an issue.

What’s next?

Russia has always been drastic with its action when it comes to cybersecurity. We never know what will be the next step of the government. For our betterment, it is safe to say that we should find the alternative so that if the important sites get banned, we can look at the different sources. This should not be a tough task provided that you have basic skills in using the internet. Take your time and do some research you will find alternative solutions that can provide you powerful means to get access to important information that you are looking for.

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