Career opportunities after completing architecture management

by Josh Biggs in Tips on 23rd May 2020

Grand monuments have always been the epitome of the greatness of human civilization. Beautiful buildings stand tall as the symbols of human grit, patience, and creativity. Architects have always held a special place among creators as they bring beauty and grace to inanimate objects such as buildings and structures.

It is a popular myth that architecture is a dull subject and is full of technicalities and math. Even if you are great at arts and love to design, you can pursue a career in architecture management. A degree in architecture management opens up many career opportunities in the fields of engineering, interior designing and art.

Read this blog to learn about the different career prospects after pursuing a degree in architecture management.

5 exciting jobs in the domain of architecture

The career prospects in the architecture management industry is diverse and massive. There are thousands of interesting and financially rewarding career roles as per your professional interests and aspirations. Here are some exciting roles that you can look forward to with a degree in architecture management.

  • Landscape architect: Landscape architects are tasked with designing outdoor courtyards, landscapes, public areas, counties, agricultural spaces and forest areas. As a landscape architect, you need to ensure proper water and waste management, keep the environmental factors in check and ensure that the designed spaces can sustain erosion and degradation. Landscape architects are also hired to design recreational areas like parks and gardens.
  • Urban planner: Urban planners are responsible for prepare the physical layout plans, regional plans, sector plans and district plans for various parts of a city including residential areas, commercial areas, and industrial areas. They also need to determine the socio-economic and demographic factors that affect the population structure in an area and incorporate them into their plans.
  • Furniture designer: A recent diversification of interior decoration, furniture designers are responsible for creating stylish, classical furniture pieces that stand the test of time. They receive creative inputs from their clients and interior decorators and build pieces that go with the design of a space. Furniture designers can also go into business as closet and storage space designers.
  • Production designer: Production or theatre designers are responsible for designing theatre and film shooting sets that allows the director and the actors to properly express the message and idea of the production. The role is an extremely creative one and requires inputs from the director and design team to create a set-up that is era appropriate. The role also requires you to have the technical expertise of an architect as some stage set-ups might require intricate technical details.

Although still considered an offbeat career path, architecture management can be financially rewarding and satisfying. Pursue an architecture management course for a better future.

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