How Freelancers Can Benefit More Using a Mac

by Josh Biggs in Tech on 26th June 2019

Freelancing, especially anything to do with internet marketing, is becoming one of the most attractive career paths for a lot of young people. And it would be worth mentioning that more and more of freelancers decide to purchase a MacBook instead of any other brand. Whether it is a trend thing or something else entirely is difficult to tell. However, one thing cannot be denied, and it is the popularity.

Nevertheless, when someone picks a new gadget like this, there is bound to be some lack of knowledge. In time, it is possible to learn more about how to be the most efficient with a MacBook. But nothing beats being proactive and learning as soon as possible. That is the purpose of this article.

Windows OS

A lot of MacBook fans will tell you that this particular change goes against everything that they stand for. However, the reality is quite different, and pragmatism should take priority when it comes to working. Feeling comfortable with particular software increases efficiency. The newest MacBook Pro allows you to make a switch to the Windows OS and make necessary adjustments. The changing process is quite detailed and it would be better looking for a detailed guide online.

Downloading from YouTube 

A new challenge will come up if you prefer to download videos directly to your computer and watch them this way. To those that want to know how to download Youtube videos on mac, you can have everything explained in this guide here. Do prepare to spend some money, though. Or just stick to watching videos on the website.


Another great way to increase your efficiency is by using shortcuts. While some of them are universal and you should be familiar with them by now, you can expect to be spending quite some time learning new ones. Again, the internet can be of great use as there are plenty of websites which have the most common shortcuts for MacBook users.

File Organization 

macIt is easy to get distracted by all the files that are just there. You can forget doing any work without properly organizing them first. The best way to get everything in order is by using the Preview app. Just open it up and you will see a myriad of options, such as grouping or renaming multiple files at once, adding tags, advanced searches, and so on.

Multiple Desktops

One of the best features of the new MacBook versions, no questions asked. When you are working on a computer, you will often have more than one window open. For instance, writing without a source and even music is impossible to some. Add a blank page to make notes, and you have more than a couple already.

Time Tracking

While some jobs pay per project, there will be times when you receive payment by the hour. Tracking time spent doing the work is important, and trusting your instincts or a clock at the bottom of the screen is not the best option. iBiz, Klok, and On the Job are some of the most prominent time-tracking apps available at the moment. Look at the pros and cons of each and decide which suits you the best.

An Uphill Battle

Like already mentioned, it will take time before you get accommodated to your MacBook. This is completely natural and nobody should expect to master something like that in a matter of days. The more time you spend working with it, the more you learn, and with each day your efficiency will increase as well.

So to make a conclusion, these tips for freelancers that have just got their first MacBook should be quite useful. Of course, there are plenty more of these, but putting them in a single article is simply impossible. The bottom line is that as long as you are willing to research and become more experienced, you will be perfectly fine.

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