How to Boost Your Privacy on All Social Media with a VPN?

by Josh Biggs in Software on 25th August 2020

It is more than obvious that the internet as well as social media, are beginning to play a much bigger role in our everyday lives. We find ourselves searching for information, uploading pictures and talking to friends on a daily basis. However, little do we think about our online privacy.

As we advance technologically we must understand the consequences of the advancements

With the expansion of the internet and its usage in the last decade, we have seemed to forget about our own safety and protection. Increasing and boosting your privacy when online should always be the top priority when online.

What is VPN and how does it work

VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential internet tool that provides its users with safety and anonymity while online. It represents the pinnacle of online privacy protection in the modern age. By creating a single-shared network between the user device and the remote server it creates a highly encrypted internet traffic which is almost impossible to hack into.

Having an encrypted network makes it impossible for the user to be tracked, monitored or hacked. Having the primary function of an internet shield VPN also ensures that the user’s real IP address is hidden. Most VPN providers allow their users to connect to multiple virtual servers from all around the world in order to secure a safe and protected internet environment.

Another feature that VPN provides is the ability to bypass censorship and gain access to blocked websites. These websites are usually blocked due to geo-political, moral or religious reasons. Usually, the government is the main enforcer of these measurements. Knowing that there are multiple servers to choose from when connecting to VPN, one can easily bypass these restrictions and gain entry to desired websites regardless of their physical location.

How to boost your privacy on social media with VPN

Social media plays a big role in our everyday lives. No matter what purpose you have for using these platforms it is no secret that our data and information are being collected. Now, there are multiple reasons why this data is being collected by websites, the government and ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, the biggest threat online are hackers and scammers. These are all the dangers that can lurk online and we will provide some tips on how VPN can boost your privacy on social media:

  1. VPN hides your location – With high encryption protocols and masking the real IP address of the user, VPN makes sure that everything the user does while online remains anonymous. This means that selecting the virtual server from another country will appear as though you are from that country. So no one will be able to track down where the connection is coming from and pinpoint the exact location of the user. This applies for hackers, the government and the ISP.
  2. VPN stops pushed advertisements – I am sure that many of us have experienced seeing ads for products we are interested in. Well, that happens because certain search engines and social media collect the user data and search history in order to push more relatable advertisements to customers. This means that the users internet and browsing history are being collected in order to adjust the product advertisement to suit the needs of the user and the area that the user is from. With VPN you make it impossible for others to see your search history and thus make it harder for companies to push advertisements through your social media.
  3. VPN lowers the chances of being hacked – It has been a long time since others started warning people to not publish their personal information on social networks. By sharing private information, the social media user is practically giving away free information and hints to potential hackers that lurk online. By connecting to VPN, you ensure that the job of hacking your account is much harder since the internet traffic is encrypted and secured. Also, it secures personal and private information leaks that might occur when being online, especially on social media.
  4. Bypassing censorship and blocks – By providing the ability to change virtual servers VPN can boost your privacy in case you want to gain access to a blocked or censored website. When selecting the desired server, your virtual IP address will be from the selected country and thus allowing the user to gain access to websites from that country that were originally blocked. Countries like China, Turkey, Iran and North Korea have strict internet censorship and using licensed VPN providers can allow people to use social media in those countries as well. This applies to people who travel mostly, as they will need to find a way to use social media in these countries the legal way.

Why is VPN so important?

As we said above, we live in a time where the internet represents a vast space filled with information. We hardly ever think about what happens to these information and where they are coming from. So, to say that we need to protect ourselves while browsing online is an understatement. With VPN you have the opportunity to choose your own virtual servers, mask your real identity, hide personal and private information and gain access to websites that you wish to visit. Using VPN practically has no down sides as it provides full protection, anonymity and the option to visit any website without limitations. These are some of the main reasons this software is becoming more and more popular as the technology of the internet expands. Social media is just one part of the whole internet and the dangers that lurk on them can be quite dangerous. So, choose the VPN which fits your needs the most and boost your privacy when online.

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