How To Create A Startup Company That Gets Attention

by Josh Biggs in Business on 2nd March 2021

Whether a startup lives or dies depends on how many people care about it. If you want to ensure the success of your startup, you’ll need to create one that gets attention. Here’s how to begin.

Offer People The Solution To A Problem

The best companies don’t sell products, they sell solutions to problems. 

  • People are more likely to buy a product if it makes life easier for them.
  • You must find a common problem that’s serious enough that people will buy a solution.
  • The problem has to occur often enough that people see it as worth it to buy your product.
  • If you’re the only one selling the solution, your company will immediately stand out. If not, you’ll have to come up with an angle to show that you’re different than your competition.
  • You have to identify who has this problem and how to market to them.

Once you’ve identified your market and their problem, you can develop and sell the solution.

Deliver On Your Promises

Trust is a huge part of a company’s relationship with its customers. People want to know you mean what you say and that you’ll follow through. 

  • Always aim for 100% accuracy.
  • If you say a product will arrive on a certain date, people need to be able to believe you.
  • Delivering products yourself when possible guarantees they arrive on time and adds a personal touch.
  • You can create your own delivery fleet by renting some large trucks. People are more likely to remember the company that got their product to them overnight. 
  • Make sure every product you sell lives up to your problem-solving promise.

Customers who can count on you will spread the word about you. Grow your reputation and your company with consistent honesty.

Start On The Right Foot

You can give your startup the best possible start to life by starting on the right foot.

  • Come up with a business plan.
  • Set financial growth goals.
  • Find investors that can help you.
  • Set up a good organizational system.
  • Stay on top of your taxes from the beginning.

Take the time to build a solid foundation for your company. You don’t want to get attention for the wrong reasons.

Set The Right Goals 

Where do you want your startup to be in five years? Set goals that will help you achieve your vision. Some common goals include:

  • Having a loyal customer base.
  • Seeing steady growth in the business.
  • Living up to your initial promises.
  • Keeping your investors happy.
  • Making a solid profit.

Setting goals to work towards keeps you on track and dedicated to the best outcome. Plus, the track history of setting and achieving goals is something people notice.

Hire The Dream Team

Finding the right team of people is a key step when you create a startup. Your team can make or break the business. A good team can gain your startup attention faster than anything else.

  • Decide what roles are necessary for your company.
  • Search for passion, creativity, and enthusiasm. Those are factors you can’t train into someone. 
  • Pick people you’ll enjoy working with.

Don’t be afraid to keep looking for the right people. The wrong team can destroy a startup before it has a chance to really get going. 

Creating a startup company that gets attention is about selling a unique solution and keeping your customers happy. Focus on the areas we’ve discussed to make sure you get the kind of positive attention that can take your company to the next level.

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