Types of Blogs That Make Money-For Real

by Josh Biggs in Digital Marketing on 2nd October 2019

Wondering what kind of blogs make the most money? If you’re trying to figure out how to make money from your blog, it depends on what your niche is. Niches are the type of genre or market your blog is appealing to.

If your niche is in high demand or needs people of a certain expertise, then that niche is going to be highly profitable.

If you’re wondering what kind of niches are profitable, here is a comprehensive list of some of the blogs that make real money.


Since the IT field is something that many aren’t knowledgeable in, this will automatically make this kind of blog profitable.

If you have foreknowledge about gadgets, how they work, and which ones are best for a certain profession, this blog can become very profitable.

You can make a passive income on your blog by coaching other people, making informative blog posts that teaches others, creating online courses, or other valuable ways to make money.

You can also use affiliate marketing to promote the gadgets that you prefer. Your readers will trust your expertise and this is a way that you can make money from this blog.

If you want to gain traffic to your blog, try to get featured on other popular blogs that also focused on technology. Check out if they have submission guidelines, and start getting noticed by a larger audience.


People are constantly evolving and changing. As we journey through life everyone is on a quest to become their best and highest selves.

This means that if there’s an area in wellness or  spiritual practice that you are apart of, people will want to gain more information on how to improve.

Even if you think the spiritual practice that you are apart of is something people won’t be interested in, the uniqueness of your niche will draw curious people just to educate themselves.  

The part that makes these kinds of blogs profitable is that you can monetize these blogs through affiliate marketing programs, E-courses, books, and coaching. These are great ways to make money with your blog on this topic.  


Everyone loves food, which means that a successful food blog can be seriously lucrative. Creating a food blog is simple, especially if you already have a love for food and knowledge to share about it.

Food blogs can share recipes, nutrition information, dieting tips, restaurant reviews, and more. To monetize your food blog, you could sell online or physical cookbooks, offer cooking classes, promote sponsored products, or sell products through affiliate marketing. 

Case Studies

Case studies are how companies prove their product or service is valuable. They collect data in order to improve these endeavors.

A lot of companies asks for case studies to boost their marketing efforts. Companies need writers to compile these case studies in a readable, digestible pieces of work. Consider getting case study experience or educate yourself on how case studies are conducted.

Large companies are constantly looking for writers in this way. If you build a blog that showcases your services, you can conduct a business where companies can come to you and make money of this blog.


Health is all we have at the end of the day. People are always looking for healthy foods and recipes. If you have a passion for food blogging, you can tailor your blog to come up with healthy foods, so that people will want to read your posts.

If you’re a fitness coach you can create templates of work-out plans and sessions to help build someone’s fitness levels. These are ways you can make money from a blog that focuses on health.

Affiliate marketing is also a huge way people with health blogs make money. You can partner with other food companies that will give you a commission on how many readers go to their companies through your content.

 Again, blogs that have an umbrella reach of topics, like say health for example, have so many ways to become profitable and make money.

The more tailored and unique your niche is, the more you will stand out. The more compelling content you create in this field, the more you can make money from this type of blog.

Marketing Blog Posts

Whether you’re a blogger or working in a company, marketing is a fast-growing industry. If you know about top marketing tools, SEO, or email campaigns, blogging about these topics are a key way to make money.

Writing long-form detailed posts will boost traffic in this niche.

There are a lot of companies and potential clients that will pay for your knowledge about these topics so that you can make money from a blog that centers around these topics.

Relationship Advice

Relationships are the trickiest, most complex, and nuanced things that we navigate through in this life. People are always trying to figure out ways to better their relationships; whether it be with their spouse, significant others, family, or friendships.

Understanding yourself is the best way to understand others. Therefore, if you have a lot of knowledge in relationship building or communication experience,  this will be profitable blog for you to invest time into. There are so many people struggling with building and enhancing their love lives, through this kind of blog you can create courses, books, and webinars surrounded on just this topic alone. This niche is home to online therapists, self-help gurus, and more. 

Go Out And Create A Profitable Blog

No matter what kind of blog niche you find yourself compelled to write, there is a way to make money from it. Consistency and creating compelling content is the way for any blog to grow and become profitable. It will take time and effort, so write what you love!

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